The Laboratory

Dental Laboratory

All Dentists use Dental Laboratory to assist with making Dental Appliances and Devices for their patients.  We have our own integrated Dental Laboratory within our Practice.  Through this integration we have good quality control.


Our Laboratory is situated onsite, operating independently, but sharing a common theme, ‘to provide the highest level of quality dental laboratory services.”

By offering our patients onsite Porcelain and Denture Services we can give a personalised experience with a satisfaction guaranteed result.

Australian Made
Onsite and local (Brisbane) construction of Dental Work ensures a high level of control over materials, techniques and artistic results.

Guaranteed to work

We design our dental work to be technically well engineered and we consider our work to meet and surpass current dental industry standards.

Shade and Shape Matching
Onsite Technicians are able to attend your appointments to take shades and match existing teeth with a high level of precision.

The team of technicians are able to attend and assist with emergency dental care by providing our Dentists with technical services. Our patients benefit from services such as quick Denture Repair, Loose Crowns re-cementing and broken teeth can be waxed to full contour with priority.

dental stratasys 3d printer
dental technician designing dental crowns on 3shape lab manager