Clear Orthodontics

Clear Aligners – Orthodontics

Clear aligners are commonly used for people with:

  • Mild-Moderate Crowding
  • Moderate Spacing
  • Relapse from prior Orthodontics
  • Over-bite, Open-bite, Deep Bite

The clear orthodontic technique corrects malocclusion using a series of custom-made, nearly invisible, comfortable, removable aligners.

It is performed first by taking a series of detailed impressions, photos and x-rays. A computer scan will be made of your impressions and a simulation of orthodontic treatment will be made on the computer. Following this, your precise series of clear aligners will be computer constructed.

Your treatment will begin the next week after your scans are taken.
Cost and Payment will be discussed during your consultation appointment. Payment is due in three stages: at the time of impressions, at the delivery of the first set of aligners, and at the second set of aligners six weeks later. The cost of your treatment directly depends on the difficulty, length and time of treatment required. Your costs will include one year of retainers and retention.


Consultation Appointment: During a Consultation our Dentists will explain in detail whether Treatment is suitable for you. Your Dentist will then recommend a detailed assessment and a tailored treatment program to address your concerns, ensuring your teeth and gums are ready for Clear Aligners.


Frequently Asked Questions


Straight Teeth
Less uneven wear on teeth
Easy to clean and eat



A series of clear aligners that will straighten your teeth sequentially
Each aligner is worn for two weeks
Aligners must be worn for 23 hours of the day
Aligners can be removed for eating and cleaning only!


Check-up and clean to ensure Tooth and Gum health
Impressions, Photos, X-Rays to create Invisalign Simulation
First Set of Aligners – you will be issued with three aligners every six weeks. Each aligner is worn for two weeks.



From the time of the initial consultation until the First Clear Orthodontic Tray is delivered the following week.
You will require checks and new aligners every six weeks.
Total Treatment time varies on severity of the case, usually from 6 months to 9 months.
Treatment Time can take longer if Aligners are not being worn correctly for 23 hours a day.

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Clear aligners were used for 18 months to realign the bite and smile

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clear aligner

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