Smile Preview for Porcelain Veneers

Be confident with your NEW Smile!

Once you Snap a pic, Send it in, See your New Smile in your personalised video … You are ready to come in and see your New Smile in your Mouth!

During these visits you will have photos and 3D mouth scans taken. Our Team digitally designs Porcelain Veneers using Computer Aided Design to create your NEW Smile.  A 3D printed copy is made to display to you in your own mouth! Walk around and check out your new smile.

Your Smile Preview will be completed in your Consult for  Cosmetic Dentistry. The cost is $200 and includes the Consultation, 3D mouth scan and Smile Design with a value of up to $800.

The First Visit

Smile Simulation

During your very first visit to Brisbane Smiles our Dentist will design your new smile with Digital Technology

The Second Visit

Smile Preview

At your second visit to Brisbane Smiles our Dentist will give you a visual Preview of the New Teeth inside your Mouth and Smile!

Truely, then you can make an informed decision after seeing the likely outcome, before treatment has commenced!

Decide to proceed with treatment and this is what happens next …

The Trials

If you wish to proceed with treatment you will have new Trial Veneers placed on your teeth at the First Treatment Appointment

You will go home and test out these new veneers, both colour and shape and feedback will be used to design your final veneers.

The Finals!

There are no surprises, each step is carefully planned to ensure you get teeth that look

BEAUTIFUL, NATURAL and work in HARMONY with the rest of your face.

smiles only new smile in brisbane

A Beautiful new smile!

Smile Design is one of the most important aspects in aesthetic dental treatments.  Without a stunning Smile Design, there cannot be a stunning smile created!

Modern Smile Design is generated in 3D Cadcam Smile Software and shown to our patients on screen and in the mouth – a process we call Digital Smile Simulation. Viewing your new smile simulation directly in your mouth is one of the best indications of your likely treatment result.

Inside Mouth - Trios Scan of Teeth
Inside Mouth - Trios Scan of Teeth
Digital Smile Simulation - Cad design
Digital Smile Simulation - Cad design
Digital 3D Printed Smile Simulations
Digital 3D Printed Smile Simulations
Face - Smile Photos
Face - Smile Photos
Demonstration of Smile Simulation
Demonstration of Smile Simulation
Demonstration of Smile Simulation in Mouth
Demonstration of Smile Simulation in Mouth

Why do I need a Digital Smile Simulation?

The Digital Smile Simulation has two purposes:

1. Help you to visualise the aesthetic outcome from treatment before commencing treatment

2. Helping us, your Dentist ensure that we can achieve the outcome and explore other potential treatment alternatives

Digital Photos are taken and your Cosmetic Dentist will also assess for treatment limitations.  The photos will be processed and expected outcomes visually created to show you what results you could expect.  The Digital Smile Preview is made using special dental imaging software to carefully alter the image whilst ensuring the simulated preview is actually achievable in the final result.

This is a visual mockup, so whilst treatment outcomes will be similar, outcomes cannot be guaranteed.  You can also see other patient photos from our library of past cases to understand what similar patient outcome were like.


3d Cad-cam Digital Smile Simulation

Using the 3Shape Smile Studio, from a 3d optical scan of your mouth we are able to highlight aesthetic concerns in your smile. From there you will be shown a 3d simulation of proposed changes to your smile and from there a 3d printed design of your mouth will be created in our Stratasys Dental Printer.  This can transfer into your mouth so that you will get a real life preview of your new smile before proceeding with the actual treatment.

3d Waxup

Following a Digital Smile Preview, a 3D Wax-up is created which transforms a mould taken of your teeth into a waxed up version of your new smile.  Not only does this allow our team to plan your treatment and show you expected teeth shapes, but it allows for you to leave on the day of treatment with your new smile in provisional materials so that you can trial the new shapes.  Over the following days we will make alterations from your feedback before finalising the permanent veneer or crown shapes.


Traditional Waxup on an Articulator (mechanical jaw) in wax

In this method impressions of the mouth are made and mounted onto a mechanical jaw “articulator”,  The Dentist or their Dental Technician will then wax the new shapes of teeth onto the models on the articulator.  This method gives various results depending on the skill of the person waxing the teeth and the time spent to perfect the result.  Unless the shapes are transferred into the mouth, this method gives very little simulation of the likely outcome of the shape of teeth into the smile and face, but when they are successfully transferred they give good assistance to a Great Smile Makeover.