Covid19 Appointments

April 2020 – Currently the ADA and Dental Board of Australia has adopted Guidelines which restrict the practice of Dentistry to help reduce the risk of transmitting Covid-19 across the population. This means that all Dental Practices across Australia are restricted in the types of Dental Treatments which can be performed.

We currently have same-day weekday Emergency Appointments available for Existing and New Patients.

We are currently on Level 3 restrictions which means all routine dental procedures must be deferred and only Urgent, Emergency Dental Care undertaken. It is up to a Dentist to determine whether any urgent, emergency dental care needs to be performed within the guidelines.

So, if you are experiencing a dental concern that is causing you pain and discomfort or has an urgency, we recommend an Emergency Appointment. We do recommend not delaying seeking advice as at any time, as the spread of Covid-19 worsens there is a high likelihood that even urgent, emergency care will be deferred.

For Non-Emergency Care you can Register your Interest in Dental Appointments for us to contact you as we re-open.

Emergency Appointments

  • Appointment Includes Limited Exam and One Intra-oral X-Ray
  • You will be advised if further treatment is necessary and the cost
  • You will be advised if treatment can be performed or needs to be deferred
  • You will be provided with home care and oral hygiene instruction
  • Opening Hours are 9am to 3pm
  • Book Online or Call 38703333
  • New and Existing Patients Welcome

Register your Interest
Checkups, Consults and Treatments

If you need dental treatment, a consult, a checkup then use this form to Register your Interest

Our Interested List will receive priority appointments as we open for routine dental care in the future

Brisbane Smiles is prepared to open for routine dental care as soon as ADA and the Dental Board of Australia allow

Request Appointment

You can request an appointment for when we are able to provide routine dental treatment, checkups and consults.