3D Computer Planned Dental Implants

3D Computer Planned Dental Implants

New leading Technology allows our team to place dental implants with industry leading precision. Having a dental implant is not like buying a tv, Where the same tv will fit in most lounge-rooms, the same dental implant doesn’t fit different people and every scenario is different  So, with each mouth being different, placing dental implants is a very specific skill set for the dentist placing the dental implant.  The New 3D Printing capabilities at Smile Artistry give our patients both this highest level of precision and is customised to their individual mouth.

For many years Dr McKay and Dr Bacalakis have used surgery guides created from outsourced companies, but now using 3d Scanning inside the mouth and combining this data with 3d Xray data from the Planmeca CBCT system we are able to computer plan all dental implant positioning using the 3 Shape Dental Implant Planning Software and then 3D Printing a Surgery Guide which accurately positions the Dental Implant into the mouth.  All here at Smile Artistry and in our own Dental Laboratory.

The system works something like this:

We Scan your mouth. (No impressions) this is a digital 3d scanner which maps the contours of the mouth and even maps the colour of the teeth.

We Scan your teeth and bone with a Conebeam CT Planmeca System.

We correlate this data and plan the shape of the tooth, position the dental implant ideally below this tooth.

We computer design a Dental Implant Surgical Guide

We use our Stratsys 3D Printer to 3d print the Dental Implant Surgical Guide

The Dental Implant Surgical Guide is used in the mouth to place the Dental Implant with true precision.

The Patient benefits from having the dental implant ideally placed in teh best bone for the best contour of the tooth giving the best structural and aesthetic result in each individual mouth.

To find out more about 3D Computer Assisted Dental implant Treatment for yourself, you can book a Dental implant Consultaiton with our expereicend team of Dentists by calling Smile Artistry on  07 38703344 or using the booking request form