dr paul mckay and dr graham mckay


Our practice is excited to announce our NEW $200 Capped Price Checkup and Clean Appointments.

You are one of our valued Smile Plan Patients and we want you to benefit most with this NEW Capped Price appointment. 

Simply, claim your health fund through our Hicaps terminal.  If you receive $200 back from your health fund, then you pay no gap.  If there is a gap, we have capped the total payment from your health fund and your contribution at $200. This represents a saving of up to $193 per check-up and clean and bitewing x-ray appointment.

Our existing Smile Plan patients will no longer need to pay via direct debit, but rather the Capped Price of $200 will be payable at the time of your appointment.

Patients who were previously on one of our Smile Plans we continue to be offered 5% treatment discount for the next 12 months.

Any account credit will be available for your next appointment. Please call us for more information about your account credit amount.

Any questions please call our reception staff on (07) 3870 3344.