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Veneer Info Veneers are used to enhance the appearance and
structure of front teeth

The process requires a Smile Design to create a
blueprint for the new shapes

Colour, shape, position of teeth can be
improved in just two visits
Veneers are a thin cover bonded over the
front surface of a tooth.
Veneers can be made of different materials.
Different quality of veneers will have different
cosmetic results. We recommend visiting an experienced
Dentist in Veneers and finding out information,
understanding the likely outcome, the risks
and what is involved.

A new smile with Brisbane Smiles is very different to other smiles You get an independent dental practice that works
personally with you to help you smile more!
Advantage 1. Our Process to Develop your Smile

2. Our In-House Dental Laboratory creates beautiful
Smile Restorations

3. Cases that Prove Results

4. Experience and Attention to Detail

5. Our use of Technology to create a Natural Smile

We work closely with you to personalise your new
smile through each step.
Smile Simulation > Smile Preview > Trial Smile >
New Smile

Our own Dental Technicians handcraft your
Porcelain Veneers and Crowns onsite and meet
personally with you to talk shape and colour.

We can show you similar cases and outcomes to
give you the confidence that we can create a
beautiful result for you.

With many years' experience at what we do, our
attention to detail is best.

We leverage our technology to make our process
seamless and painless to give you the best
aesthetics and structural integrity for your
New Smile.

At your first appointment we will show
you a Digital Smile Simulation to help you
understand your future smile possibilities.

At the next appointment we will show you a
Smile Preview inside your mouth to help you
understand your likely New Smile
in more detail.

At the first treatment appointment, you will
leave with Trial Restorations. You will be able
to 'test drive' your new teeth, so that we can
personalise your new smile to perfection.

As your New Smile is inserted,
our process ensures there are little surprises
Your beautiful New Smile is complete!

Case Studies 'I believe a beautiful smile encourages
self-worth, it represents you
- your friendliness, your confidence
your trustworthiness, your happiness.'
- patient, Gail
--- SMILES OF BRISBANE --- Mild Teeth Crowding was
corrected with Six Emax
Porcelain Veneers
Mild Teeth Crowding with worn
teeth was corrected with Eight
Emax Porcelain Veneers
Mild Teeth Discolouration
was corrected with Six Emax
Porcelain Veneers and
lower Zoom Teeth Whitening
Dis-proportionate Teeth
shapes with uneven and small
presentation was corrected with
Six Emax Porcelain Veneers
Actual Patient results. Indivdual Results may vary.
Seek advice from an appropriately qualified Healthcare
Professional before proceeding with treatment.

We create Natural, Beautiful,
Personalised Smiles to make you
Smile More! Our Team An independent, Privately Owned
Dental Practice Providing Exceptional
Family & Cosmetic Dentistry for
Patients of Brisbane for 40 years.

to tour our facilities,
meet our dental technicians and see
why Brisbane Smiles is different to
any other practice.
WE INVITE YOU... Start your Smile Journey with us today,
and let us design your New Smile!
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Local 3870 3333
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