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All Funds, Hicaps, Credit Card, Eftpos, Payment Plans

We are open for routine dental treatments including checkups, cleaning and restorative treatments. Patients must be of low risk of Covid-19.

If you are interested in our Cosmetic Dental Treatments then at-home you can request a Smile Simulation by taking a photo and clicking here.  We will send you your simulation.

Brisbane Smiles®, Trusted Brisbane Dentist for 72 years

Welcome to Brisbane Smiles®, your local dentists at Level One, 31 Sherwood Road, Toowong, Brisbane.  Our Toowong Dental Practice provides convenient and personalised dental care, high treatment quality and the latest dental technology to ensure your treatment and outcomes are to the highest standards.

Brisbane Smiles is an empowered dental practice with advanced technology and caring staff providing exceptional dental care experiences for over 72 years

Our patients are treated as individuals and given the appropriate time and attention-to-detail, ensuring you are confident, happy with your smile and free to choose from the different options that modern dentistry can offer. Our treatment plans are customised, no one treatment plan is the same, you will receive personalised exceptional family and cosmetic dentistry at Brisbane Smiles.

Whether you are needing a checkup and clean or a new patient appointment for cosmetic dentistry such as teeth whitening, porcelain crowns or porcelain veneers, or other procedures such as fillings or dental implants, our practice is committed to surpassing all of your expectations.

Call us on 3870 3333 to make an appointment with our dentist Brisbane.

You can get in touch online or book online

Dental Appointment Costs
Our Patient Appointments are personalised to meet the needs of each patient.
Brisbane Smiles® accepts all health funds using Hicaps facilities and acts independently in the best interests of our patients. You can pay for your dental care with all major Credit Cards, Eftpos and Cash.
Brisbane Smiles® offers Payment Plans to provide options to have your needed dental care now and pay later. Payment Plans include Openpay, Zip Money, MySmilePlan.

Dental Treatments and Services

Our services including a full range of general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and dental implant dentistry allowing our team to keep your teeth healthy and your smile looking its best. Regardless of the Dental Treatment, our patients receive a personalised and individual focused approach.

Family Dentistry

Our Family Dentistry is suitable from infants to seniors. Our philosophy for family care is that through regular check-up and cleans we can maintain optimal dental health. Intervention with restorative dentistry and cleaning can prolong the lifespan of your teeth, gums and any dentistry in your mouth.


Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dental Care with modern dental treatment to give you the most aesthetically appealing smile. Modern technology, experienced Cosmetic Dentists, onsite Dental Laboratory to create Porcelain Veneers and Crowns. our 4 step process gives you beautiful and natural smiles.


Dental Implants

Dental Implant Treatments in the one location. From the planning and CBCT x-rays to the Dental Implant Surgery to the Final Crowns, Brisbane Smiles® is a total care Dental Implant practice which performs all stages of Dental Implant Procedures onsite in the one location delivering high quality treatments in a coordinated approach. We have IV Sedation facilities with a visiting Medical Anaesthetist Dr Ross Foreman.


Smile Simulation

We can simulate a new smile in a photo. This will give you a good idea on the aesthetic outcome from potential dental treatments. You simply need to upload some photos and we will send you a link to see your smile simulation video.


Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening can boost the brightness of your smile. We have different options which are both safe and effective.



We also provide quick appointments for Emergencies.  You can book online or call for us to get you in within 24 hours

CALL 1800 766 659


family dentistry with child at brisbane smiles

Experienced Brisbane Dental Team

Our team provides exceptional Family and Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr Paul McKay

General Dentist

Dr Graham McKay

General Dentist
BDSc.(Hons) B.Pharm(Hons)

Heidi Van Den Borst

Dental Hygienist/Oral Health Therapist
Bachelor of Oral Health (BOH)

Elsabe Martincich

Dental Hygienist
Bachelor of Oral Health Sciences
Advanced Diploma of Oral Health

Emergency Dentistry

Brisbane Smiles® can assist you with your Emergency Dental Care. With an onsite, in-house dental laboratory Brisbane Smiles® provides quick care which you can rely on.

Right away from your first visit our Dentists are trained to get you out of pain and remove the pressure of the emergency situation. Our team has emergency appointments available on most days so you can get in to see our team promptly.

Cosmetic Dentistry

A full range of Cosmetic Dental procedures with an integrated, onsite, in-house Dental Laboratory to create Porcelain Veneers and Porcelain Crowns onsite.  Teeth Whitening, Porcelain Veneers, Porcelain Crowns, Dental Implants, White Fillings…

Dental Implants

Brisbane Smiles® provides all stages of Dental implant treatments using experience and technology to comfortably provide your treatment.

Dental implants act as an anchor for porcelain crowns which function as tooth replacements. Dental implants are one of the teeth replacement techniques that are used to replace missing teeth. They are particularly important for replacing highly damaged, unseemly teeth that are visible when you smile, laugh, eat, drink or talk.

General Dentistry

Brisbane Smiles® provides procedures to remove and restore areas of decay, decrease sensitivity in teeth, get rid of toothache, remove badly damaged teeth, fix and restore broken teeth, clean teeth and remove staining.

General Dentistry procedures range from cleaning to fillings to root canal treatments and crowns

Brisbane Smiles® uses a diagnostic and health model trained at the prestigious Kois Centre in Seattle USA. Patients of Brisbane Smiles® benefits by receiving quality dental care which is organised and aimed at achieving long-term health.


Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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