Fissure Seals

Fissure seals are a preventive treatment applied to the grooves of back teeth to prevent decay entering into the tooth.

Fissure seals are tooth coloured and designed to make the biting surface of our teeth smooth and prevent large holes developing in our teeth. Commonly, as teeth erupt into our mouth from the age of six years onwards we place fissure seals in our teeth.


The Fissure Seal Procedure

Before we place a fissure seal on a tooth at Smile Artistry we use an Air Abrasion Unit to clean the tooth and remove any staining from the fissures (grooves).

Air Abrasion is a micro-abrasive tool that has the ability to remove decay from a tooth more effectively and conservatively than the traditional drill. Alike the Laser, generally no local anaesthetic is required, so no needles. The Air Abrasion works by blowing a stream of powerful air mixed with minute sand particles.

The particles are suctioned from the mouth. Because air abrasion cuts tooth surfaces with great precision, it removes less tooth material than the drill and it reduces the risk of enamel micro fracturing, preserving more of your tooth. Besides removing decay, air abrasion works well in procedures ranging from repairing chipped, fractured or worn teeth, preparing teeth for cosmetic surgery, removing stains and spots, repairing old fillings and sealants and repairing broken crowns and bridges.

White Fillings used to remove black decay.  If fissure seals where used at a younger age, these fillings will have been prevented.