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Brisbane Smiles’ mission is to provide Brisbane’s #1 Patient Experience with the best team creating stunning smiles.

Brisbane Smiles has been established for 75 years in 2023 and multiple generations of families have trusted their families dental care with the team at Brisbane Smiles.  In recognition, a key focus of  the Brisbane Smiles team to give back to the local community through charity affiliations, donations and pro-bono care of disadvantaged groups through charity organisations. Read more

A feature standout at Brisbane Smiles is the success of integration of a full-service in-house Dental Laboratory, enabling patients to be offered the most optimal dental treatment outcomes.

The Brisbane Smiles team is absolutely focused on providing ‘The Very Best Dental Experience’ to each and every one of our patients.


Striving to be Brisbane’s number 1 patient experience with the best team creating stunning smiles


  • Positive
  • Generous
  • Team
  • Honest
  • Accountable
  • Passionate
  • Patient-Centric
  • Future-Focused


From the moment we first greet our New and Existing Patients we are all about a personalised experience. This starts with the appropriate diagnosis of dental problems and timely advice for treatment.  Our dental team provides our patients with detailed planning of treatment which is communicated verbally, visually and in writing.  As part of our planning, our dentists will look at the different ways to approach different dental concerns and provide various treatment options which may be appropriate.

The level of care and attention given to treatment plans gives the most personalised dental care.


Our dental staff are people who are caring and intelligent individuals who together form our cohesive team.  Each and every team member strives to provide the best dental care for our patients.  the practice has a positive environment which provides the team with understanding, education and skills.


Brisbane Smiles is committed to meeting the highest of standards in dental care.  Invested in our own in-house dental laboratory, all crowns and dental laboratory work is made in a controlled environment which boasts 3d scanners, cad-cam smile design, 3d milling machines and printers.  The dental practice is accredited to National Safety and Quality Health Standards and ongoing compliance with all local, state and federal laws and requirements


A Dental Practice that integrates Family and Cosmetic Dentistry
A Dental Practice with a long-term focus on the health of your mouth
A Dental Practice that is accredited
A Dental Practice with In-House Dental Laboratory and Dental Technicians
A Dental Practice with the latest technologies
A Dental Practice with IV Sedation facilities
A Dental Practice with experience in creating high quality smile makeovers
A Dental Practice that is available locally in Brisbane

Dental Hygienists

Dental Hygienists provide quality care in teeth cleaning.  We allow 50 minutes for routine teeth cleaning appointments.  The result, a clean that is comfortable and thorough.  Combine this with routine six monthly checkups and your dental problems will be diagnosed earlier, reducing emergency dental care and ensuring your long-term health.

Dental Laboratory

Our In-House Dental Laboratory has experienced Dental Technicians who are able to meet with you and check colour and shapes of new teeth.  Our laboratory is equipped with the latest 3-shape technology in scanners and formlabs and stratasys 3d printers.  You can feel assured that your crown, veneer and bridge work is all made onsite and not shipped outside of our practice.


We have Dentists who are caring and intelligent. Our Dentists have Australian University qualifications and comply with all Dental Board of Australia Guidelines and registrations. Not only are our Dentists qualified in Australia, but they will regularly attend continuing education and conferences in Australia and overseas.

Crowns and Veneers

Our Crowns and Veneers are made from premium dental brands.  We combine the skill of experienced Dental Technicians and technology to bring to you handcrafted porcelain ceramic work which maximises aesthetics and strength.  Precision is everything, and we find design and milling and printing is great, but colour, texture and fit is created through thorough hand finishing. Good quality crowns and veneers will remain looking natural, beautiful and in function for a lot longer than a cheap, poor quality crown and veneer.


Our Dentists plan your treatment to be long-term.  Good, regular, preventive dental care can save a patient thousands in the long-run by finding and treating developing problems before they become a major issue. We are committed to providing our patients with information to make informed decisions about their dental care.


We give priority to any patient with an emergency. If you have a toothache we will commit to offering you an appointment within 24 hours on weekdays.

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