Denture Implants Brisbane

Are you suffering from one or multiple missing teeth? Denture Implant Brisbane Treatment can help to restore your smile and assist the ability to chew. Dentures with Implants are an innovative treatment for missing teeth, providing a secure and long-lasting solution.

Denture Implant Treatment


What are Denture with Implants? Dental Denture Implants are a modern solution that helps to stabilise and secure loose Dentures. Dental Implants act as anchor points to help secure Dentures in place, to prevent them from moving around and falling out. Dentures with Implants allow you to confidently eat, chew, talk and smile without the fear of the Denture falling out. Dental Denture Implants are a common procedure for loose lower Dentures.

dental implant dneture

Who Are Dental Implants For?


Dentures with Implants are ideal for those who want a permanent solution to missing teeth. Denture Dental Implants are also suitable for those who don’t want to have the fear of the Denture falling out. Denture Implant treatment is also best suited for those who require full clearance of teeth.

Benefits of Dental Implant Dentures


Denture Implants can be a secure and lasting solution to missing teeth. Benefits of Denture Implants include:


Benefits of Denture Implants

  • Dental Implants securely hold the Denture in place
  • A stable and reliable solution to missing teeth
  • A natural-looking smile
  • Restore the ability to chew and eat 
  • You can speak, laugh and smile without the fear of your Denture falling out
  • A long-lasting treatment

The Brisbane Smiles Advantage for Dental Implant Dentures


✓ Tailored treatment to ensure the best results for you

✓ Long-lasting results and trustworthy treatment process

✓ All Denture and Dental Implant Services under the one roof

✓ Unbeatable patient experience

✓ We use the highest quality materials and latest technology

✓ In-house Dental Laboratory and experienced team of Dental Technicians

✓ Dentures are made on-site by our experienced team

✓ A highly experienced team celebrating 75 years in 2023

Denture Implant Appointment Process


  1. Consultation – At the Denture Implant Consultation with Brisbane Smiles, you will meet our Dentist to assess and discuss your best treatment options. You will receive a personalised price estimate for treatment.
  2. Impression, Bite & Scan Appointment – At this appointment, we will take the required impressions, bite and scans for our in-house Dental Laboratory to make the customised Denture Implants.
  3. Extraction & Implant Appointment – This will typically require a full-day appointment. You will undergo tooth extraction and your Dental Implants may be placed during this appointment You will leave this appointment with a plastic removable Denture so that at no time do you have no teeth.
  4. Review Appointment – The Dentist will assess your treatment outcomes and ensure your oral health and Dental Implant healing are optimal.
  5. Fixed Implant Denture Appointment – Once your Dental Implants have healed and are load-bearing (meaning you can use them to chew on and act as real teeth), your plastic Denture is swapped for your permanent, fixed Implant Denture. 

Dental Implant Dentures Costs Brisbane


To begin your Dental Implant Treatment with Brisbane Smiles, you will have a Consultation with our friendly and expert Dentist. The cost of a Brisbane Denture Implant Consultation is $100.


The cost of Denture Implants Brisbane will vary depending on the treatment. The cost will depend on additional required treatment, the number of teeth requiring treatment and the materials used.

Payment Options for Dentures Brisbane


When you are accepted as a patient at Brisbane Smiles, you are offered multiple payment options. Your personalised Dental Report will include your individual written cost estimate. Our Treatment Coordinator will work with you to ensure the investment in your Dental Health is managed and achieved within the time frame.

Credit Card

We accept Via/Mastercard and Amex Credit Cards at the time of Appointments


We accept All Health Funds with Hicaps Payment at the time of Appointments


We accept Eftpos payment at the time of Appointments


We accept Cash on the day of Appointments


We offer ZipMoney payment options to have treatment now and pay later


We offer OpenPay payment options to have treatment now and pay later

Dental Implant Dentures FAQs


Are Implant Dentures better than regular Dentures?

Whether Implant Dentures or Dentures are best for you will depend on your oral condition. The Dentist will discuss with you your best Brisbane Denture treatment options at your Consultation appointment. 


How long do Denture Implants last?

High-quality Denture Implants should last a lifetime. However, the Denture may require replacement every 5-15 years depending on the material and how the Denture is made.


Are Implant Dentures painful?

Our modern technology and expert Dentists at Brisbane Smiles ensure that the Denture Procedure is a painless process. We offer Sedation Dentistry for simple and pain-free Denture procedures.


Can full Dentures be implanted?

Yes, if required, you can have Implant Dentures placed in the upper and lower jaw. This provides a stable replacement for missing teeth.


Can Dental Implants be done in one day?

Yes, a full jaw or mouth of Denture Implants can be inserted in one day. The Denture Patient should be aware that there will be a healing period after the procedure. At Brisbane Smiles, you will leave with a short-term plastic Denture that allows you to still have a ‘teethy smile’ while your Dental Implants heal. 


How long does a Dental Implant procedure take?

This will depend on the complexity of the Denture Implant procedure. Typically, Denture Implants can be performed in one day.


What happens if you don’t have enough bone for Implants?

This is a more complex treatment procedure. If you do not have enough bone for Denture Implants, you may require bone grafting or removable Dentures may be a better option for you. At the consultation, the Dentist will outline your best treatment options.


How soon after tooth extraction can you have a Denture Implant?

This will be case-dependent. In some cases, you may have a Denture Implant placed on the same day as an extraction. Whereas, other cases may require space between appointments.


Where is the best place for Dentures near me?

Here at Brisbane Smiles, you can rest assured that you will receive the best Denture and Denture Implant treatment. We pride ourselves on delivering the #1 Patient Experience and state-of-the-art technology.

Brisbane Denture Implant Appointments


If you’re considering Dentures or Denture Implants to regain your smile, visit the expert and friendly Dentists at Brisbane Smiles. Book your Denture Consultation today.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.



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⚠️ Actual patient photo. Individual results will vary. All minor and major dental treatments have risks. Please seek the advice of a qualified healthcare professional before proceeding.
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