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The Brisbane Smiles® vision is to provide Brisbane’s best dental experience with the best team creating stunning smiles. Our services include General Dentistry, Children’s Dentistry and Cosmetic Dentistry. We would love to help you and your family with your Dental Care. Right from your first appointment, we hope you will find our practice provides innovative dentistry with exceptional care.

Your First Appointment at Brisbane Smiles will be for a Consultation if you are after specific information regarding a particular Service, or a Check-up and Clean if you are in need of routine dental care.

What sets Brisbane Smiles apart? Unlike other practices, on your first New Patient visit with us, you’ll be seeing both a General Dentist and a Dental Hygienist. You’ll be receiving the most thorough and comfortable dental care.

We are open weekdays for morning and afternoon appointments and you can schedule your visits online or by phone on 38703333.

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Choose from our New Patient Appointments, or Call Us to help find the right appointment for your needs.

  • Consultation

    • $100
    • Less after Health Fund
    • Perfect for New Patients who need a Consultation for a particular Dental Concern
    •   Choose your Reason:
    •   Veneers, Implant, General
    •   Smile Simulation included
    •   Free Whitening Consults
  • Adult Check-up

    • $225
    • Less after Health Fund
    • Perfect for New Patients (16+ years) who need a Check-up and Clean Appointment
    •   Comprehensive Exam (011)
    •   Basic Clean (114)
    •   Fluoride Treatment (121)
    •   X-Rays not included
  • Child Check-up

    • $112.50
    • Less after Health Fund
    • Perfect for New Patient Children 0-15 years who need a Check-up and Clean Appointment
    • Children under 5 years $65 if no clean required
    •   Comprehensive Exam (Code 011)
    •   Basic Clean (Code 114)
    •   Fluoride Treatment (Code 121)
    • X-Rays not included
  • Emergency Visit

    • $65
    • Less after Health Fund
    • Perfect for New Patients who have a Dental Emergency whether it be discomfort, a broken tooth or bleeding gums
    •   Limited Exam (Code 013)
    •   Assess and Advise necessary treatment
    •    Appointments available this week
    •   X-Rays not included
    •   Treatment Additional Cost

New Patient Appointment

The New Patient Appointment for New Patients is designed to give you a detailed Dental Consultation and Check-up during your first visit.  This appointment is ideal for those who are considering dental treatments. Or, for those who need a New Dentist for a check-up and clean.

In your first appointment, you’ll be seeing both a Dentist and a Dental Hygienist. This ensures that you’ll leave with your teeth thoroughly cleaned and your dental health well taken care of.

What does my New Patient Appointment include?

  • $225 or less after Health Fund (total value up to $1,000)
  • Comprehensive Exam with Dentist (011)
  • Clean and Fluoride  with Dentist/Oral Health Therapist/Hygienist(114,121)
  • Xrays – Intra-oral Bitewing X-Rays not included*
  • Photographs*
  • Dental Recommendations and Report*
  • * As required

During Your New Patient Appointment

In your first appointment with us, we will:

  • Meet you and understand your concerns
  • Perform a thorough dental and medical history relevant to your dental health
  • Perform a Comprehensive Dental Examination
  • Take relevant records including Photographs and Intraoral X-Rays^
  • Take relevant OPG^ AND Cone-beam CT Radiographs^ ^ At Additional Cost
  • Take relevant 3D Teeth Scans
  • Discuss your tooth health and the aspects of your smile that are of concern
  • Detail potential treatments
  • Detail further investigations which may be required for more complex treatments
  • Basic Scale and Polish of the teeth (114) and Fluoride Treatment (121) when indicated (subject to availability may be delayed to second appointment)(Periodontal Cleans and Additional Clean Appointments are additional costs)

Second Opinions and Consultations

If you need a Second Opinion, or are looking for a Consultation and information about a particular dental treatment, the Consultation Appointment is best for you.  You can book online or call us on 07 38703333

Please Arrive Early

To prepare for your Comprehensive Appointment, we recommend bringing along your completed New Patient Forms (linked below). If you intend to complete your forms immediately prior to your Comprehensive Appointment, you should allow 20 minutes and we recommend you arrive at least 20 minutes early to not lose time with your Dentist.


Terms and Conditions: New Patient Checkup and Clean is $225.   This includes a Comprehensive Examination (011), and a Supragingival Clean (114) and Fluoride Treatment (121). Clean and fluoride treatment may be at a different time depending on the appointment availability.  The Appointment excludes X-Rays such as Bitewings ($110) OPG ($130) and Cbct Jaw Scans ($300) and Mouth Scans (071).  These and other further treatments are additional costs.  Referral for Radiologist Reporting is additional cost of up to $90 and required for all OPGs and CBCTs. Patients without Health Fund cover will pay $225 plus additional costs.  Where Health Funds pay over $225 benefits, there will be no out of pocket payment required.  Benefits over $225 are not refunded and no credit given for amounts over $225. Additional treatments including Periodontal Debridement is at additional costs, usually at a different appointment.  Additional treatments will be discussed and advised before proceeding.

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Appointment Booking Conditions:

Appointments will be confirmed by Brisbane Smiles on the following business day.
Please call Brisbane Smiles on 38703333 if you miss the confirmation call or text.
Appointment Changes allowed up to 48 hours prior or a fee will be charged.
If you display any symptoms or increased risk of exposure to Covid-19 please call on 38703333.

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