Teeth Whitening

Quick, and immediate, noticeable results!

Professional Teeth Whitening in Brisbane

Professional teeth whitening is a simple cosmetic dental treatment. Its primary purpose is to restore whiteness to your teeth and brilliance to your smile.

Modern teeth whitening procedures are quick and have immediate and noticeable outcomes. These procedures can be performed either at your local dental surgery with zoom whitening or at home. Teeth whitening is a procedure however that should best be conducted by a qualified dentist in a sterile and controlled environment such as a dental surgery.


Teeth Whitening Options

In Surgery


The Phillips Zoom LED Whitespeed Teeth Whitening system ensures that these cosmetic treatments are done quickly (within the one dental visit). Zoom teeth whitening treatment is done to the highest standard by a qualified professional in a controlled dental surgery environment able to ensure optimal results with the most safe applicaiton of solutions to the teeth and gums.

(includes Home Whitening System for touchups)


At Home Teeth Whitening


For those wanting to conduct this procedure at home, Home whitening NiteWhite kits are Smile Artistry’s preference This is an option for those who are primarily looking to save money on their teeth whitening costs. These kits come with custom lab made trays and deliver fantastic results on par with dental surgery treatments; however the inconvenience can easily outweigh the money you may save. The at-home process requires you to apply a gel to your teeth to reduce their sensitivity, and to wear a tray for over 2 hours a day for up to two weeks. This requires a little more ongoing effort on your part to sustain a suitable result. It may not be the ideal solution in this busy day and age where each minute is valuable – so for many, a quick visit to the dentists’ office for a professional cosmetic treatment may be the most timesaving and practical option.



Our Free Professional Consultation

At Smile Artistry, we offer free, professional cosmetic consultations. Our qualified and professional dentists will analyse your teeth, and advise of the treatment best suited to you. We will also check your overall level of oral hygiene, from gums to teeth to make sure that these treatments are suitable for you. Any potential side effects and risks will be discussed with you as well as detailing the benefits of a teeth bleaching treatment.

Zoom Whitening Case

brisbane teeth whitening zoom whitening before photo
brisbane teeth whitening zoom whitening after photo

Teeth Whitening After Care Tips


Even the best teeth bleaching treatments can discolour over time. You can reduce the risk of this occurring by avoiding bad habits such as smoking, excessive alcohol and coffee consumption. Your diet will also factor into this, and for good dental hygiene in general we recommend a healthy balanced diet and sufficient water intake. Make sure to follow your dentists’ suggestions after your treatment, and always advise your dentist of any problems or complications you may be experiencing.

The best teeth whitening results are achieved when you have recently had a thorough clean and check-up at the dentist and dental hygienist.