About Us

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Our History

In Toowong and Taringa for over 60 years

Smile Artistry is a leading Dental Practice in Brisbane, Australia, providing personalised General, Cosmetic and Implant Care since 1948.  In 1948, Dr Max Kenny took control of Smile Artistry at the Fiveways intersection in Taringa.  Dr Graham McKay took over from Max in 1983 and built a reputation as one of Brisbane’s leading Cosmetic Dental Practices throughout the 1990s.  Today, Smile Artistry is run by Graham’s son Dr Paul McKay.

The practice is located at 31 Sherwood Road Toowong and has six state-of-the-art dental operatories.  All chairs are modern and have overhead flat screen televisions with movies and streaming services.

Smile Artistry’s strengths are the attention to high quality and detail, advanced technology, onsite Dental Ceramic Services and local service.


Our Location

Level One, 31 Sherwood Road, Toowong, Brisbane, QLD 4066


Located conveniently on Sherwood Road in Toowong.  We are directly next door to Toowong Village, close to public transport including bus and train, and we have convenient private parking for our patients.


Our Secure Car parks can be accessed using the intercom to the right hand side of the driveway.  After entering, proceed to the rear of the first basement level and park in any space labelled Dental Practice.


If you have difficulty accessing our car-parks, call us for assistance,

Local Service

Our Porcelain Crown and Veneer work comes with the highest levels of technical excellence through thorough planning, cutting-edge materials and vast experience. We utilise a range of preventative services from the management of decay and gum health issues, as well as minimal invasive microdentistry techniques using white resin technology with microabrasion.

Excellence in Dental Care

Our cosmetic services provide co-ordinated technical and laboratory services to create artistic perfection in a reassuring and stress-free environment. Being simply a “Cosmetic Dentist” is outdated and out of style. Why? Because these days any General Dentist who chooses to do things as simple as whitening teeth can claim to be a Cosmetic Dentist.

So when someone is looking to enhance their smile, what should they expect?

We pride ourselves in providing functional aesthetic dentistry. This means we meticulously evaluate and take into account the principles of how teeth bite together as well as the principle of beauty in smile design when creating a new Smile Masterpiece.

Education and Experience

Our Dentists strive to maintain a high participation in Continuing Education in Australia and abroad.

We are able to demonstrate extensive Smile Design Experience with numerous cases both small and complex, with examples of high definition ‘before and after’ photographs. These provide a range of experience in numerous situations as no individual Smile Masterpiece is the same as another. It is simply individual in every case and the technical perfection needed to create side by side natural perfection with different types of technology is very demanding and exacting, which is why we are pleased with our on-site associated laboratory services for co-ordinated communication and technological perfection.

Systems Approach

We have an advanced decay management program utilising the Caries Free System. This program from overseas, incorporates assessment techniques that allow us to evaluate salivary influences (gland function, buffering, pH) presence of bacteria (streptococci and lactobacilli levels) dietary information, fluoride and compliance. We can effectively detail a action plan to reduce decay and prevent future dental health issues. Common Mouthwashes struggle to compete with the Carie Free Mouthwashes that are clinically more effective at reducing bad bacteria and neautralising the pH in your mouth at the same time.