Our Dental Sterilisation is to exceed ASA and Practice Accreditation standards.

Our infection control protocol, measures and procedures are controlled in a Practice Manual. The aim is to prevent the transmission of bacteria, viruses and fungi causing cross-infection from one person to another.  It is necessary that endogenous spread of infection also be prevented by limiting the spread of infectious agents.

The aim of infection control is to:

• understand basic principles;
• creating systems that facilitate implementation and compliance with infection control procedures;
• clear procedural documentation and comprehensive training of dental practitioners/other staff
• a process of regular monitoring of the application of these systems and procedures; and
• keeping up-to-date regarding specific infectious diseases, new products and procedures, particularly newly-evolving infection challenges.
Our Infection Control Protocols involve Instrument Tracking and a Bag and Tag System for all instruments used in invasive procedures.  In these instances, Steriliser loads are tracked and tagged back per instrument for quality control purposes.

Following Protocol, we utilise modern and routinely validated autoclaves which are monitored for effectiveness to meet all Australian Standards.