IV Sedation

Sedation Dentistry, also known as Sleep Dentistry, is having Dental Care performed whilst you are sedated with Intra-Venous Sedation.


Your experience is that you will be semi-conscious and able to interact with our staff, but will forget about having the dental care performed. This is a great advancement in Dental Care.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.


Why have Sedation?


No anxiety
Relax and you will not remember the procedure
More Dental Work can be performed in the one Appointment
Surgical Procedures such as Bone Grafting can be performed without going to Hospital


It allows our Dental Team to perform large amounts of treatment at the one time, or perform procedures that would otherwise require the extra expenses of going to Hospital. A Qualified Anaesthetist will provide the Sedation through an Intravenous Drip.

You will need to have someone collect you and take you home following the procedure as you will remain relaxed for most of the day. Six hours prior to your appointment you should not eat or smoke. You need to advise if there are any changes to your medical history that we are unaware of.


Equipment and Staff


Smile Artistry is equipped with all of the latest Sedation equipment including GE Vital Sign Monitor with all Resuscitation Equipment and Automated Electronic Defibrillators for all medical emergencies.  All IV Sedation is performed by qualified Medical Specialist Anaesthetists.

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