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10 Tips for Job Interview Victory!

10 Tips for Job Interview Victory!

With the recent unfortunate changes in the employment world there are now more job seekers than we have ever noticed before! Usually when we place a job ad, we will get a few hundred applicants – which is always a big job in itself to go through and pick the right applicants to interview. Recently we placed two job roles within our practice and received well over 1000 job applicants for each role. So how do you get that first step in the door?

In this article, we aim to give you a little insight into how as an employer we look through the hundreds of applicants we receive. It is an enormous task that takes our team days and in the last case, a couple of weeks, to sort through.  How do you make yourself noticed to get that interview? Secondly, how do you get that job? Here are 10 top tips to help you next time you apply for that job – regardless of the industry!

Of course, it is not limited to just these top 10, there are many more industry specific criteria that will help in all different types of industries, but at least these ‘tips’ might just help you

  1. Get you that interview and
  2. Help you secure that job role!

Good luck!

  1. Make the most of your first impression!!! First impressions count! Your smile can be the first impression that your new employer will have of you. So before you go job hunting, check your Oral Health is in order! Have your 6 monthly check-up and clean appointment before you start to apply for jobs and ensure your teeth are clean and at their healthiest!
  2. Leave a lasting impression with your smile – especially if you are applying for jobs with face-to-face service contact. One of the quickest and easiest ways to improve your smile is by teeth whitening. There are many different options that can help whiten your smile, your Dentist can discuss these at your check-up.
  3. Your Covering letter! Always attach a personalised covering letter – never submit a job application without one! Look closely at the job ad, personalise your covering letter, address it to the business or recruitment manager. State the job you are applying for in the first line and most importantly, summarise some of your key strengths in line with the job description. Fill your covering letter with the sort of content that matches what the organisation is looking for! This is the first thing your potential employer will read – spend time on it, personalise it and make it count!
  4. Personalise your resume! This is not expected to be as personalised as your covering letter, but put a mission statement somewhere on the front page of your resume – and make it relevant for the industry and be job specific for the job you are applying for! Give the employer a reason to want to interview you!
  5. Even better – research the organisation! – look at their website – take a look at their services, work out the type of business they are and want to be. Again, put this into your covering letter, and personalise your key attributes in your resume that will align yourself with the business’s key attributes. By demonstrating that you have done your homework, it shows the organisation that you have a real desire for the position and to work for them. A personal trait that all employers are looking for!
  6. Get Social! Look at their social pages – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Are they the company you want to work for, why? What makes you someone who will fit with the organisation and company image? Again, tell them this in your covering letter!

It is the morning of the interview! What can you do to help you make a good first impression?

  1. Have a healthy breakfast or lunch before you leave! No one wants to hear your tummy rumbling during the interview. Plus, you think your best when you are not hungry or thinking about what you’re going to eat next! Follow your healthy meal with a big glass of fresh water.
  2. Floss & Brush your teeth! Make sure your smile is looking its best before you leave the house! Floss and brush your teeth both the night before your interview and the morning of your interview and avoid the temptation to snack on that poppy seed roll, with pesto chicken and rocket salad before your interview!
  3. Arrive Early! You must arrive for your interview on time! Visualise the image you portray to a future employer if you show up late, even if it’s just a few minutes? If you can not arrive on time to a job interview – how are you going to arrive on time for work each day? Aim to get to the interview about 15 minutes early. That ensures you can relax, take a breath, and calm your nerves.
  4. Lastly but not least – be positive! Positivity radiates self-confidence, maturity and empowers you to believe in yourself. Keep yourself calm, take a breath before answering a question, actively listen and always follow up with real life examples.


Keep applying, stay positive, and the right job will be just around the corner! Job hunting and interviews are challenging indeed. But with the right attitude and mind frame, the right preparation and research, then getting that job will be all but certain!

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