Prior to Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment is the process to remove the Nerve and tissues from inside the Root Canal inside a tooth.

Signs you may need Root Canal Treatment:

  • Large hole in a tooth
  • Large crack in a tooth
  • Pain in tooth “toothache”
  • Sensitivity in a tooth that lasts for longer than 1 minute
  • Pain to chew on a tooth

Prior to your Root Canal Treatment appointment you should:

  • Be aware you will require Local Anaesthetic to numb the tooth
  • Take medications as required

You may be prescribed Antibiotics which should assist symptoms such as:

  • swollen gums, cheek
  • sinus discharge
  • spreading tooth ache
  • fever

Whilst Root Canal Treatment will remove the cause of of the pain you may need to take pain relief prior and after root canal treatment.

If you are experiencing toothache we recommend:

  • Let your dentist know
  • Make your root canal treatment appointment for as soon as possible
  • Take Pain Relief
    • Ibuprofen 600mg 6-8 hourly as necessary
    • AND/OR
    • Paracetamol 100mg 4-6 hourly as necessary
    • Oxycodone 5mg 4-6 hourly as necessary (Prescription required)
  • Avoid hot and cold things on the tooth
  • Avoid chewing on the tooth

After Root Canal Treatment is complete you will need to return to the Dentist for a Definitive Restoration which usually involves having a Crown placed on the tooth. You should be made aware that a Crown is additional costs to the Root Canal Treatment.

Following Root Canal Treatment appointments you may experience tenderness to chew on the tooth, and if this is the case it will usually settle over a few days. Should tenderness continue you should let your dentist know.

During the Root Canal Treatment there may be findings and complications that could change the course of treatment. (Such as root cracks, broken instruments, unresponsive infection). This may result in need for additional treatment, additional appointments, tooth extraction, discomfort, additional surgery. Your Dentist or Endodontist will discuss this as treatment progresses.

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