Prior to Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Information

The results of teeth whitening are variable and individuals respond differently. Teeth are variable in color and this variability within an individual tooth will remain when the teeth have been whitened.

White marks in teeth will often appear to be more pronounced immediately after whitening. Whilst this usually reduces over time, it often persists.

Fillings, crowns and bridges will not change color, so they may require changing after whitening, at the patient’s expense, to match the new shade of the teeth.

Sensitivity can occur during the whitening process. This is usually limited to the period when the whitening gel is being used and will settle soon after whitening is stopped. This response is variable, though measures are taken to limit this as much as possible. There is potential that a tooth may be irreversibly damaged, however this is unlikely.

Teeth will fade back towards their original color over time and may require repeated whitening from time to time, purchased at the patient’s expense.

Sometimes the gums can go white during whitening; this is reversible, but may cause discomfort temporarily.

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