After Temporary Crown and Veneers

Patient Instructions: Caring for Your Temporary Restoration

Your temporary is made to last for at least a few months. This allows us to evaluate any potential problems prior to your final restoration.

  1. Normal Expectations You May Experience
  • Some temperature sensitivity by the second day. This will likely resolve.
  • Some tenderness around the gum tissue for a few days.
  • Some biting soreness but should only last a few days.
  • Anything beyond these mild symptoms, please contact the office.
  1. The Tissue Around Your Temporary Must Be Kept Very Clean and Healthy

Flossing and brushing are the most important things you can do to ensure good tissue health.

  1. The Temporary Must Stay in Place

Your temporary is held in place with weak cement. Occasionally, it may loosen or come off before it should. If this happens, it may cause inflammation in the gums, more tooth sensitivity, or the tooth may move. Any of these conditions may delay timely placement of the final restoration.

  1. To Prevent Loosening

Be careful with biting and chewing foods. Avoid hard, tough, crunchy and/or sticky foods. However, you will need to floss differently. After introducing the floss between the teeth, merely pull the floss through the side. Avoid pulling up on the temporary.

  1. What to Do If It Comes Off

Call us. We would like to recement it for you in a timely manner. If you cannot come in, replace the temporary with finger pressure or secure it with a small amount of denture adhesive such as Poli-Dent or non-toxic white blutac until you can arrange with our office to come in.

  1. To Prevent Staining, Avoid the Following
  • No mouth rinses that contain chlorhexidine
  • Smoking
  • Red Wine, Yellow Curry
  • Minimise berries, coffee/tea

Please call us if you experience any conditions that in your opinion seem to be out of the ordinary.
Practice Hours – Reception – (07) 3870 3333
After hours: Dr Paul McKay –  0432 991 793

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