Cosmetic Dentistry Principles

Cosmetic Dentistry Principles

Cosmetic Dentistry relates to the design of a smile and the smile design process of pre-visualising and planning the final result of a cosmetic dental procedure is aimed at creating a harmonious presentation of tooth, smile, gum and facial harmony.

Principles of smile design

Designing a smile takes a trained eye, but these principles can help guide a novice:

Alignment: The alignment of the smile line should ideally correspond to the horizontal. It would work even if the ear or eye lines do not match with this particular level.

Symmetry: It is very important to achieve symmetry near the centreline. An illusion of symmetry needs to be created when this is not possible. When there is symmetry of the teeth near the mid-line and the two front teeth on the upper line, the illusion is magnified.

Phonetics: To find out the most favourable position with regards to the biting edge of the front teeth on the upper line, the patient is asked to take phonetic tests, where he makes F, S, M and E sounds. It could prove to be important in establishing the direction in which the lengthening of the worn teeth can take place.

Smile width: A smile which has a standard width would let us see the perfect sequence or development from the front teeth all the way to the back. When we observe a narrow smile, there is a tendency for the side teeth to get hidden in a shadow. So only the front teeth are visible and seem to stand alone. Similarly in a wide smile, the outline shape of the back and front teeth need to be symmetrical.

Smile line: The function of the smile line is to link the biting edges of the upper teeth. Ideally, it must follow the lower lip outline or curvature. A smile line which is flat would give a very old or worn-out appearance. On the other hand, a smile line which is curved looks extremely youthful.

Gum line: The gu mline of several individuals may not be visible when they smile. However, when gum lines are visible, one can see that they link the top gum levels with respect to the upper teeth. In a perfect situation this line should correspond with the lower lip line so that the gum exposure is reasonable and synchronised and teeth display is favourable.

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