Consult for Cosmetic Dentistry

The Cosmetic Consultation is your first appointment where one of our Dentists will discuss your concerns and offer solutions to your concerns regarding the appearance of your smile.

You are under no obligation to continue with treatment following this appointment.

Our Dentists will first begin with a detailed history, both medical and dental, and after reviewing your specific concerns be able to analyse your smile and mouth and discuss in detail why your teeth appear as they do. Our Dentists will then offer a way in which to improve your appearance, function and health.

About Dental Treatment Planning

Brisbane Smiles makes it clear to patients by creating:
A personalised Cosmetic Dental Plan
A Cosmetic Dental Plan takes many considerations to ensure not only a beautiful cosmetic result, but something that is long-lasting whilst being simple and conservative.

A personalised plan maybe as simple as Teeth Whitening or as complex as a full makeover with Crowns and Implants.

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dentist taking photos of a patient

The Basics of a Consult

Basic Consults
The Basic Consultation is a meet and discussion of potential dental treatmetn with one of our Dentists. The Consultation is best suited for patients who want to first come in and discuss a single concern with their teeth and find out about the condition and potential treatments. From here the Dentist will be able to give good ball park ideas on treatment and estimate on cost. The next step is then to return for a more detailed dental assessment and determine the diagnosis, prognosis of teeth and possible treatment options and their likely outcomes.

What do we need to do?
Your Cosmetic Dental Plan will be created in three steps:

Records – Exam, X-Rays, Scans, Photographs, Impressions, Bite Analysis
Personalised Cosmetic and Dental Plan is presented
The Consultation and Records are usually completed in two separate appointments, but can be booked as the one appointment, particularly for patients who are travelling to see us.

Your plan will identify the following areas of treatment:
URGENT TREATMENT is recommended to be completed as soon as possible and is aimed to halt decay and gum disease as soon as possible, and to stop the progression of other developing problems.
SHORT-TERM TREATMENT aims to build on this improved health and is typically aimed at early functional improvements for your teeth such as replacing defective fillings and ensuring gum health remains consistent. Cosmetic Care will usually fall into this category, however as Cosmetic Dental Care is sometimes “optional” it could be delayed into the long-term treatment category.
LONG-TERM TREATMENT aims to continue the first two steps and deliver healthy and strong teeth for life. Treatment would include keeping existing dental care up-to-date and healthy and strengthening teeth with crowns, replacing missing teeth with dental implants and keeping your smile looking nice and healthy.

The number and length of appointments will vary depending on the type and quantity of treatment required. Some preliminary appointments may be required to establish excellent gum health and deal with structural aspects. These may include existing decay, root fillings, bite adjustment and tooth whitening

Assuming all is correct in these areas, then major changes to your smile can often be completed in two main visits. The front visual areas are nearly always completed first to establish a functional cosmetic rejuvenation which matches into the smile perfectly. By creating this defining canine bite guidance on the front teeth, back teeth can be later corrected into a suitable long-term good structural position as treatment is required.


A Typical Treatment Sequence


  1. Hygiene Visit for teeth and gum cleaning
  2. Any Filling and Root Canals that require Replacement prior to Cosmetic Work
  3. Teeth Whitening
  4. Scans/Impressions for a Diagnostic Wax-up
  5. Showing of Diagnostic Wax-up to Patient
  6. Cosmetic Visit One – Preparation, impression, and temporary Veneer/Crowns
  7. Cosmetic Visit Two – (three weeks later) – Insertion of Final Veneers/Crowns
  8. Review and Protective Bite Splint Fabrication for Selected Patients


Cosmetic Visit One: At the first visit, all your front teeth are prepared, accurate impressions are taken, bite recorded and accurate fitting of provisional (temporary) restorations completed. These provisional restorations are tailor made to look very much like the final visual presentation of your new smile. This allows us to review them at an interim appointment where you and your Dentist are able to assess any changes. An impression of these provisional restorations is used by our associated on-site laboratory as a realistic guide in constructing your veneers and crown-work, so as to guarantee the shape and position of your new teeth are just as the temporaries were.


Cosmetic Visit Two: At the second major visit the provisional restorations are removed and the Porcelain Veneers and/or Crowns are fitted and polished. Often special light-cured translucent adhesives are used to ensure trouble free and long lasting results.

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