Cracked Teeth

Cracked Teeth

Causes of Cracked Teeth:

Large areas of Decay or Fillings (particularly amalgam fillings)
Hard Diets and foreign object biting or trauma

Signs of Cracked Teeth:

  • Tooth sensitive to chew on
  • Tooth sore to chew on
  • Tooth extra sensitive to hot and cold
  • Can see the crack
  • Tooth is rough

Treatment for Cracked Teeth:

Visit Dentist for assessment of

  • the nature and area of crack
  • Testing and X-Rays
  • Removal of old filling and assess full extent of crack
  • New Filling
  • Porcelain Crown

If left too long:

  • Root Canal Treatment

If left even longer:

  • Extraction and Replacement with Dental Implant

Assessment of other teeth for likelihood of cracks and consider further early treatment

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