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Dental Implants in Brisbane

Are you suffering from tooth loss? Losing your teeth due to gum disease, decay or injury can be an uncomfortable and upsetting experience. Missing teeth can result in loss of function and the inability to chew and eat freely. You may also experience distressing aesthetic and psychological impacts, such as loss of confidence to smile due to missing teeth.


Thankfully, Dental Implants for your mouth are the ideal solution for missing teeth. The Dental Implants Brisbane Smiles treatment process is comfortable, natural-looking and of the highest quality.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental Implants can replace your missing tooth without requiring Dentures or Bridges. Dental Implants allow you to speak, eat and smile normally – they are long-lasting, comfortable and smile-enhancing.

Teeth Implants are a modern and comfortable solution to missing teeth. Dental Implants work to provide jaw-bone support to prevent further jaw-bone shrinking over time, which missing teeth can cause. Dental Implants eliminate the problems suffered by Dentures such as lack of comfort, aesthetic issues and catching food. Dental Implants at Brisbane Smiles ensure that your mouth is restored to optimal functioning and aesthetics. Read on to find out the Dental Implants Cost at Brisbane Smiles.

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Dental Implants Cost Brisbane

The Dental Implants Cost at Brisbane Smiles includes planning, surgery, restoration (Crown insertion) and maintenance. Review Appointments are at no additional cost. If required, Temporary Teeth, X-Rays and Scans are additional costs to the Dental Implant Cost. Tooth Extraction and Bone Grafting are separate costs from the Dental Implants cost Brisbane.

The Dental Implant Cost for the Replacement of One Tooth

The cost of one Dental Implant will involve a Consultation Appointment for $100, the Surgical Placement of the Dental Implant for approximately $2,500, 3 months of bone healing, and a Crown and Abutment cost of approximately $3,000. However, the cost of a Dental Implant for one tooth may vary depending on the patient’s unique required treatment.

The Dental Implant Cost for the Replacement of More Than One Tooth

The Dental Implants cost at Brisbane Smiles for more than one tooth will vary depending on the patient’s condition, as there are various treatment options. A patient may require a certain number of implants which will impact the total Dental Implant costs. We recommend having a Dental Implant Assessment with a Brisbane Dental Implant Dentist to ensure you are not misquoted.

Full Mouth Dental Implants Cost

The full mouth Dental Implant cost will vary depending on your condition. You will require assessment as full-mouth Dental Implant treatment may vary depending on your condition. Factors that impact full-mouth Dental Implant costs at Brisbane Smiles include the number of Dental Implants required, the volume of bone in the jaw, the type of restoration and the materials required.


In total, a full mouth Dental Implants cost may vary between $20,000 to $30,000 per jaw. Alternative options include Dental Implants used to retain dentures, which often cost $6,000. To properly assess the Tooth Implant Cost for Brisbane Smiles treatment, book a consultation for an accurate assessment. We look forward to providing you with a customised, high-quality full mouth Dental Implants cost estimate.

Book a Dental Implant Assessment at Brisbane Smiles

Our friendly team and Dental Implant Dentists can provide you with a Dental Implant assessment and personalised Dental Implant cost estimate. This will help you to understand the costs and options available without being misquoted.

Find out about the cost of Dental Implants today.

Dental Implant Before and After Photo Gallery

View our Dental Implant Before and After Photo Gallery to see how we can transform missing teeth with Dental Implant treatments. The Dental Implants in Brisbane that we provide are expert, high-quality and long-lasting. See how the Dental Implant Brisbane Smiles Dentists have transformed smiles with missing teeth!

How Do Dental Implants Work?

Dental Implants are permanent tooth replacements that look and feel like natural teeth. With Dental Implants, your chewing ability and tooth function are restored, just like a normal tooth. Dental Implants are an innovative solution to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth or all teeth.

A Dental Implant is a screw placed into the jaw-bone – it is the replacement root of a tooth.  Bone cells will fuse to the Dental Implant surface to develop a strong union. The Dental Implant forms a strong base for a Crown Restoration to be placed. Dental Implants restore the tooth to a normal shape and colour and function just like your natural teeth.

Read the Brisbane Smiles Dental Implants FAQs to find out more about Brisbane Dental Implants.

Advantages of Brisbane Smiles for Dental Implants

The expert and gentle team at Brisbane Smiles is your ideal option for Dental Implants in Brisbane.


The team at Brisbane Smiles has a passion for expertly planning and performing Dental Implant care for patients. If you are considering Dental Implants in Brisbane, we can offer you a professional consultation for an accurate assessment of your treatment options. 


At Brisbane Smiles, you can expect the very best patient experience for Dental Implant Care. We provide:

Treatment Planning using Advanced Technology, including Virtual Jaw Surgery after collecting Data from CBCT 3D Jaw Scans and Optical Jaw Impressions

Brisbane Smiles makes all Crowns and Bridges on-site in our Dental Laboratory with our experienced team of Dental Technicians

For nervous patients, Brisbane Smiles has a visiting Medical Anaesthetist to provide I.V. Sedation

Brisbane Smiles uses 3D Printers to create surgical guides to aid in the accurate placement of the Dental Implants

Brisbane Smiles has been a trusted and highly experienced practice for 75+ years

Brisbane Smiles has the experience and attention to detail required for expert and quality Dental Implants

International Congress of Oral Implantology

Dr Paul McKay is a member of the Australian Society of Implant Dentistry (ASID) and the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI) and has received his Diplomate Accreditation Status. ICOI is devoted to providing implant education to the entire Dental team to better serve its patients. The ICOI is the world’s largest Dental Implant Organisation.

icoi international congress of oral implantologists

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Brisbane Smiles Dental Implant Appointments

Here at Brisbane Smiles, we customise all Dental Implant Appointments to suit your individual needs and treatment plans. Temporary Crowns, Bridges or Dentures will be planned before treatment to avoid the appearance of missing teeth between treatments.


A typical Dental Implant process involves the following stages.

Stage One

Stage One allows your Dental Implant Dentist to understand your needs and assess your health and suitability for Dental Implants. From the information provided in your first appointments, your Brisbane Dental Implant Dentist will complete virtual surgery and plan out the necessary optimal treatment for you. This is then presented to you in a treatment discussion with a personalised Dental Implant Treatment Report.

Dental Implant Consultation

During stage one, your first Dental Implant appointment will include an assessment of your condition and a discussion of the different treatment options available. Your Brisbane Dental Implant Dentist will develop an understanding of your specific condition and tailor treatment options to best suit you.

Scan Appointment

Scans of the jaw are taken in 3D using our on-site CBCT Planmeca Unit. Colour Digital Impressions are taken using our 3Shape Trios3 Mouth Scanner.

Planning & Discussion

Your Dental Implant Dentist will complete ‘Virtual Surgery’, outline your treatment plan and provide a Dental Implant Treatment Report.

Stage Two

Once you have had your treatment discussion and you are happy to proceed with treatment, stage two involves Dental Implant Surgery, Review and Crown appointments.

Surgery Appointment

Your Dental Implant Surgery Appointment is performed painlessly under Local Anaesthetic Injection, with options for Medical Anaesthetist for IV Sedation if you would prefer this option. At your Surgery Appointment, you will have the tooth removed (if it hasn’t yet been removed) and the placement of the Dental Implant.

Review Appointments

Throughout the Dental Implant healing process, you will visit for Review Appointments to check how you are healing and make arrangements for future appointments.

Crown Appointments

Once your Dental Implant has healed, we can place your Dental Crown. This stage involves our team of on-site Dental Implant Technicians who will construct the Crown. Your Brisbane Smiles Dental Implant Dentist will insert the Crown to complete your treatment. You now have a completely natural-looking and functioning Tooth Implant!

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Convenient & Comfortable Dental Implant Appointments in Brisbane

At Brisbane Smiles, your Dental Implant appointments in Brisbane will be convenient and comfortable. From the moment you make your first Dental Implant Appointment, we provide the very best patient experience.


You can book online or call us on 3870 3333 (link). Our easy Appointment Scheduling process and convenient inner-city location in Toowong with private and secure patient car parking offer convenience for you and your family.


We would love to provide you with our caring and convenient approach to Dental Care. Our friendly Reception Team are available to answer your questions and reserve an appointment time that suits you.

Dental Implant Consultation Brisbane

Brisbane Smiles is focused on providing you with customised care and this starts from your Dental Implant Consultation Appointment.


You will meet your Brisbane Smiles Dental Implant Dentist and discuss any concerns and goals for your Dental Implant Treatment. Your Dentist will assess your condition and discuss the required next steps. Your Dentist will discuss the likely outcome of your Dental Implant Treatment, along with the associated risks.


The Dentist will take the final records to provide a more detailed Dental Implant Treatment Recommendation at your second Brisbane Dental Implant appointment.

Single Tooth Dental Implant Brisbane

How much does a single Tooth Implant Cost? Advances in Dental Implant design have allowed for immediate tooth replacement on most occasions. Most people will undergo a single visit for the removal and replacement of the tooth with a Dental Implant, leaving with a fixed-in tooth and no inconvenience of gaps from missing teeth. Visit Brisbane Smiles for your customised estimate of the cost for a Dental Implant of one tooth.

Replacing All Teeth with Dental Implants

Modern Dental Implant Treatment along with High-Technology Zirconia Bridges have revolutionised the replacement of a full mouth of teeth. The Dental Implant Replacement of all teeth in a jaw can be performed with immediate tooth replacement during surgery. Zirconia Bridges give both a strong basis for chewing, function and a highly aesthetic appearance. Visit Brisbane Smiles for your customised estimate of the full mouth Dental Implants cost Brisbane.

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Payment Options

When you are accepted as a patient at Brisbane Smiles you will be offered multiple payment options for your Dental Implants cost. Your options will be discussed and detailed in your personalised Dental Report which includes your Written Dental Implant Cost Estimate. Our Treatment Coordinator will work with you to make the investment in your oral health, managed and achieved in the right time frame. Read more about our Dental Implant Payment Plans and Options.

Credit Card

We accept Visa/Mastercard and Amex Credit Cards at the time of appointments


We accept Cash on the day of appointment


We accept Hicaps Health Fund Payments at the time of Appointments


We offer ZipMoney payment options to have treatment now and pay later


We accept Eftpos payment at the time of Appointments


We offer OpenPay payment options to have treatment now and pay later

Superannuation Release

Another option available for patients who meet particular conditions is Superannuation Release.  This is available should the treatment not be available  in the public system and you are suffering acute or chronic pain. Passing certain criteria is critical and this is one option our Treamtent Coordinator and Dentists can discuss.  You should seek personal advice from your financial advisor/planner/accountant.

Frequently Asked Questions – Dental Implants

What Are Dental Implants Made Of?

The Dental Implant is typically a well-engineered screw made of titanium. The key to Dental Implants is the connection inside which allows other parts to be inserted and hold the crown of the tooth.


The Abutment is the connection that joins the Dental Implant to the Crown. The Crown is the visual part of the tooth. It is carefully made using digital Cad-cam technology and hand-finished to recreate an aesthetically pleasing tooth that blends in naturally with the other teeth in the mouth. Generally, for a high-quality Dental Implant Crown, it will be made of Zirconia. The Dental Implant, Abutment and Crown are included in the Dental Implant cost at Brisbane Smiles.

Am I a Candidate for a Dental Implant?

Dental Implants offer a reliable solution for replacing missing teeth or for patients requiring a tooth extraction. Fortunately, for most patients with missing teeth, Dental Implants are a viable option. However, there are some instances where a patient is not a candidate for a Dental Implant. Certain medical conditions may affect your eligibility for Dental Implants. For example, uncontrolled diabetes or undergoing chemotherapy may impact the healing process necessary for successful implantation. Similarly, pregnancy can also affect Dental Implant candidacy. Additionally, while smoking doesn’t necessarily disqualify you from getting Dental Implants, it does increase the risk of complications such as infections. Therefore, smokers should be aware of these risks and take appropriate precautions before undergoing implant surgery.


It is essential to consult with a qualified Dental Implant Dentist to determine your candidacy for Dental Implants accurately. During your Brisbane Smiles Dental Implant consultation, your Dentist will evaluate your overall health, Dental history and specific condition to determine the most suitable treatment plan for you.

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

How much are Dental Implants at Brisbane Smiles? By undergoing Dental Implant Treatment, you are investing in your oral health. Should you be accepted as a patient at Brisbane Smiles, we will provide you with a personalised Dental Implant Cost Estimate for Dental Implant Treatment.


The Dental Implants Cost at Brisbane Smiles varies depending on your personalised treatment. The Initial Consultation Appointment is $100. Single Dental Implant Treatments are between $6,000 and $7,000 as a total cost for all stages. For an accurate price estimate, visit us to obtain your customised Dental Implant Cost at Brisbane Smiles.

What Does a Full Mouth Dental Implant Cost?

What does the All on 4 Dental Implants Brisbane cost? At Brisbane Smiles, we understand that cost is an important factor when considering Dental Implant options, especially for full jaw replacements like the All-on-4 Dental Implants. We believe in transparency and providing our patients with accurate information tailored to their specific needs. Since full jaw replacements involve various factors and options, including the number of implants needed and the materials used, we require a comprehensive assessment before providing a cost estimate. For an accurate price estimate, visit us to obtain your customised full mouth Dental Implants cost at Brisbane Smiles.

What Is the Crown and Abutment Cost?

At Brisbane Smiles, the crown and abutment cost is included in your Dental Implant Costs. The Crown and Abutment cost are essential components of the Dental Implant process, encompassing both the functional and aesthetic aspects of restoring your smile. When you embark on your Dental Implant journey with us, rest assured that the Crown and Abutment costs are factored into your personalised treatment plan and Dental Implant Cost Estimate.

How Long Do Dental Implants Last and Do They Require Maintenance?

Brisbane Smiles Dental Implants are designed to act as a long-term solution for tooth replacement when partnered with proper care and maintenance. With good oral hygiene and regular Dental Check-up and Clean appointments, Dental Implants can last a lifetime. However, individual factors such as oral health, lifestyle habits and bone density can influence Dental Implant longevity. Routine maintenance including brushing, flossing and professional Oral Hygiene Dental Cleans are essential to ensure the health and stability of your Dental Implants.

Can I Get a Quote for Dental Implant Treatment Before Committing to the Procedure?

Certainly. At Brisbane Smiles, we prioritise transparency and ensure that our patients have all the information they need to make an informed decision. We always provide a customised Price Estimate for Dental Implant treatment before committing to the treatment. During your Dental Implant Brisbane Smiles Consultation Appointment, the Dentist will assess your specific needs and provide you with a detailed breakdown of the costs involved. We will take the time to answer any questions you may have and work with you to develop a treatment plan that fits your budget and required treatment. Contact us today to schedule your Brisbane Dental Implant Consultation.

What Are the Potential Dental Implant Risks and Results?

At Brisbane Smiles, our professional and experienced team work to reduce risks and keep you informed about all treatment risks and likely results. These are the possible Dental Implant risk and results associated with treatment:

  • There is always a small chance that the Dental Implant will fail to integrate with the jawbone and have to be removed. In this instance, a new implant fixture will often be placed with a delay for bone healing. 
  • Certain medical conditions can put you at a higher risk for Dental Implant failure. As with any surgery, there is a potential risk of surgical complications when placing a Dental Implant.
  • Improperly positioned Dental Implants can make it difficult–if not impossible–to place a useful dental restoration in the mouth. Surgical risks also include bleeding, pain and discomfort, bruising and swelling, temporary numbness, permanent numbness, and damage to adjacent teeth, gums and bone.
  • Dental Implant supported restorations do not have the same feeling as a normal tooth and it is possible to put too much pressure on them when chewing, leading to damage of the Implant Restoration or opposing tooth.
  • If you have a misaligned bite, the restorations placed on the dental implants will be at greater risk for fracture or failure. Proper alignment of the teeth before Dental Implant placement leads to a more aesthetic result. Bite and tooth alignment problems should be addressed before dental implant placement. Eating excessively hard foods can lead to increased soreness under the conventional denture and possible fracture of teeth or fixture parts.
  • Gum Disease can occur around Dental Implants, just like teeth, and may require treatments such as cleaning, surgery or even removal of the Dental Implant.  The cost involved is at the expense of the patient.
  • Dental Implants will look similar to the adjacent teeth, but there will be some variation in their appearance. After removing a tooth the gums may shrink, and therefore a Dental Implant tooth may be longer in the gums. The Crown may also be a slightly different shape and colour to the adjacent teeth. Your appearance may be changed in terms of tooth contour and position and lip support. Appearance and speech changes are more likely with upper implants since it is necessary to leave the Implant posts exposed for proper oral hygiene.
  • Fracture of abutment screws, the Implant , the Abutment and the Crown can rarely happen. This could lead to the need to remove a fixture and have a different Crown constructed at your expense.  The screws attaching the prosthesis to the fixture may loosen with time. They will need to be tightened if this occurs. This will sometimes require remaking your Crowns at your expense.
  • If the jaw joints or facial muscles are overloaded from excessively hard foods or you clench or grind your teeth, you may experience some jaw joint and facial muscular discomfort.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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