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Dental Implants and Cost

What is the cost of Dental Implants?

At our Brisbane Dental Implant Surgery, we can perform your Dental Implant Surgery and restore the top of the Dental Implant Teeth. When we work with your usual dentist we may place your dental implant and then your general dentist can place the crown on the implant.

Dental Implant Costs vary with your individual circumstances, we recommend a consultation appointment so that an accurate cost estimate can assist in preparing for dental implant treatment.

Indicative Cost of Single Dental Implant: For a single dental implant cost you need to look at the two stages for total cost.  Single tooth replacement and increases depending on a number of factors such as the number of teeth to be replaced. If you need many teeth replaced, please call our staff to assist with cost indications.

Indicative Cost to Stabilise Dentures: Dental Implants may also be used under your existing denture to assist with retaining the denture. Two Dental Implants with connectors to secure and hold your denture.. Your existing denture may be suitable to be used. In the future, you can then upgrade by adding more dental implants with aim to eventually have enough implants to totally replace your denture with a fixed bridge.

Our Dentists will discuss and evaluate you on an individual basis, customising and discussing in detail the process specific to your circumstances during your consultation appointment. We surgically place and restore your Dental Implant and Crown all within the one setting. Your laboratory requirements will be completed in our onsite Dental Technicians

Further Dental Implant Information

Dental Implants are often referred to as your third set of teeth. The Dental Implant allows for total replacement of teeth that are missing or need to be removed with a natural looking real tooth that will not decay! Dental Implants themselves are the titanium posts, which sit in the jaw where a tooth is missing.

The bone around dental implants love the dental implants treated titanium surface, and connects onto the surface creating a strong foundation during the first two to six month period following placement. This process is similar to the healing of a broken bone. Small posts are then attached into the dental implant. These posts provide stable anchors for the visible part of the tooth, most commonly a Porcelain Crown Replacement tooth.

Dental implants help to preserve facial bone structure, preventing bone ‘atrophy’ loss or deterioration that occurs when teeth are missing. When dentures are worn, their pressure, pushed onto the gums will accelerate the loss of bone.

Dental Implants are the answer to a missing tooth, a few missing teeth, or to missing all your teeth. Common success rates are consistently higher than 95% in properly screened candidates. (Biohorizons Implants) Following successful finishing of the Dental Implant’s tooth, Typically we see greater than a 97% success rate for Dental Implants placed five years ago following their initial healing phase.

The actual Dental Implant that goes into your mouth is made of grade four titanium, machined to aerospace tolerances, fully packaged in a super-clean environment and are fully sterile. Implants are 100% biocompatible with the body, and can not be rejected, however in a small percentage of cases, they may fail to integrate.  If an implant fails to integrate, then this is determined before the top of the tooth is finished, and in these instances, the implant will be replaced free of charge in non-smokers who have attended their recommended appointments.

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