Expected Teeth Whitening Results

Expected teeth whitening results

Teeth whitening procedures lighten the shade of the tooth surfaces by eliminating discolorations that have absorbed into the enamel.  All teeth whitening results will vary from person to person; consequently results cannot be predicted or guaranteed.  If an instant result is desired in- chair whitening will only take about 2 hours or custom made home whitening trays can be made and worn twice daily for an hour each time for approximately 10-14 days at home.

This image shows a good result from teeth whitening

The end result of tooth whitening depends on a few different factors.  For instance teeth that have a yellowish discolouration will respond better to whitening compared with greyish shades of enamel.  If the tooth enamel has been eroded away due to acids in the diet whitening will lighten the teeth to an extent but not as dramatically as teeth that have denser more even enamel.  It is also important to be aware that whitening will not change any surface defects, patches or spots on the teeth.  The overall shade of the teeth will be lighter but the inconsistencies in the enamel will still be present.  Whiter spots on the enamel may initially be more noticeable (due to the temporary dehydration of the enamel) however this subsides as the saliva starts flowing and rehydrates the teeth.

Teeth whitening is an excellent way to enhance your smile.  Even though the end result is difficult to predict the vast majority of people who undergo teeth whitening are thrilled with their lighter, brighter smile.   

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