Fixing Gummy Smiles

Fixing Gummy Smiles

Fixing Gummy Smiles depends on the cause of the gummy smile and the age of a patient.  We fix gummy smiles with a few different techniques and most common is a gum lift with technology such as lasers or electro-cauterising units or surgically.  In most instances a gumlift usually heals painlessly within a few days and gives instant improvements.
Gummy smiles are usually genetically determined so they have a family trait. 

In many cases a gummy smile is fixed with a gumlift alone such as this case will show

In other cases a gummy smile is fixed with a combination of a gumlift and also Porcelain Veneers which are required to then cover the exposed part of the root where the gum-lift has taken place.

In gummy smiles with greater than 4mm of extra gum display, a orthodontic and jaw surgery are considered.  These people usually have an overdeveloped upper jaw which requires it to be reduced and therefore this procedure is more major than merely a gumlift.

Sometimes the cause of your gummy smile may be the muscles attached to your lips and that they are overactive.  Newer treatments to decrease this overactivity of the muscles include botox injections which we can have a qualified medical practitioner perform for you.

If you have agummy smile I would recommend you see a cosmetic dentist to discuss the reason for your gummy smile because a treatment such as a gumlift could be done and you do not need to live with the gummy nature of your smile anymore.

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