As any dentist will tell you your daily brushing technique matters, but what also matters and in most cases is forgotten – is how often and how you floss! And I don’t mean the floss dance, we mean how you floss between your teeth.

Did you know that nearly 40% of Australians don’t floss at all or never clean between their teeth! This is one of the most common areas for tooth decay and fillings. So let’s change this habit!

It is recommended that you floss each day as well as brush your teeth twice a day. You can clean in between your teeth by either using floss or interdental brushes. No matter how well you do brush your teeth, no toothbrush can reach between your teeth surfaces to remove the nasty bacteria, plaque or food that is stuck between your teeth. This is why you need to floss every day.

It is recommended that you start to floss from the moment you have two or more teeth touching side-by-side. So usually from about 1-2 years of age. It’s good to start this habit early, so that you can promote and influence good oral habits early with your children from a young age.

When you do floss make sure you get down between your gum lines, as this is where lots of the nasties can be that cause tooth decay, so don’t be afraid to push the floss as low as possible. If you are unsure how to floss properly, our Dental Hygienists are trained to guide you and show you how to floss. Ask them next time at your 6 monthly clean, so that they can show you the best technique.

If your gums are a little sore or bleed after flossing – this is Ok. It just means that you got down under the gums and gave between your teeth a good clean. Continue to floss each day and you will find that the tenderness and bleeding gums will reduce over the following few days.

Prevention is better treatment! So make sure you regularly see the Dentist and your Dental Hygienist, ask them to show you the best flossing technique so that you can keep your mouth healthy and clean. If you are due for the Dentist, we have clean and check up appointments available each day, so give our friendly team a call.

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