The Dental Consultation

Often, we see New Patients who request a Consultation in regards to one aspect of their mouth.

A Consultation allows our Dentists to focus on the presenting concern and address that concern with focus.

Just like our New Patient Exams, a Dental Consult will begin with the assessment of a Dental and Medical History with a focus on the relevance to their Dental Health.

brisbane dental examination
dentist taking photos of a patient

The Focus of the Consult

During the Dental Consultation your Dentist will focus on:

  • Discussing and understanding your concern
  • Assessing your mouth in regard to the concern
  • Discuss the findings
  • Make recommendations for further investigations and a full exam (at a later date)
  • Recommend treatment where possible

More about the Dental Consultation

Due the the varied nature of Dental Consultations, it is impossible to know prior to the consultation as to the extensiveness of records required and treatment needed.  However, you r dentist will detail to you prior to proceeding if any additional records are needed (such as x-rays or photos).

If it has been greater than 6 months since your last checkup and clean, why not attend for a New Patient Checkup and Clean and we will provide all of the information of a consultation during that appointment.