Preventive Dentistry

Preventive Dentistry is the process of looking at the biology of the disease process in an attempt to recognise and treat the aetiological (causing) factors for each individual person.

Fissure Seals are often used in Children to prevent basic decay

The Dentist will carefully look at the science and current knowledge of the disease processes and use techniques and technology that is current and proven.


Biology involved in the decay process, gum disease and bite schemes need to be evaluated in order to determine treatment programs that will provide our patients with a predictable result, and a life-long outlook.


By identifying the specific factors involved with the problems and making suitable alterations to treatment and home care programs including diet and lifestyle, we can create an environment that prevents future major dental work and enhancing ones well-being. Our programs are aimed at minimal intervention dentistry, and this is shown in the other sections in this category.


Preventive Dental Care is all about preventing and halting decay and gum disease. Preventive Care can be defined as detecting problems at an early stage before invasive dental treatment is required. To do so, a systematic approach to dental care is essential.

Advanced Technology in Dental Services

Modern technology and systems are able to make such a big difference. Digital X-Rays. Diagnocam. CBCT. Caries Free Bacteria testing.


Oral Home Care

Essential components of preventive dental care are required at home:

  • Good Diet and limiting the exposure of your teeth to sugars and acids
  • Routine, thorough brushing – twice daily
  • Flossing – twice daily
  • Mouth-rinses as prescribed
  • Regular checkups
  • Detection and Diagnosis


As soon as we identify you have a moderate to high risk of forming future decay, our Dentists begin thinking, how can we prevent the decay from progressing to need a filling?


At this point in time you will be referred to our Hygienist for a personalised Decay Management Program, which may be as simple as modifying your diet, or as complex as identifying physiological reasons for the decay and recommending medical tests to check for stomach issues.


Your Personalised Decay Management Plan and Report will detail many areas including:

  • Your age related decay issues
  • Saliva Flow including dry mouth and other medical conditions
  • Bacteria Levels including levels of Streptococci Mutans – the main type of decay forming bacteria
  • Current Oral Hygiene at home
  • Diet including acidic foods and decreasing your sugar hits per day
  • Frequency of visits to the Dentist in the past and future
  • Existing dentistry and disease (damage already caused)


Your Decay Management Report will be discussed and will make recommendations in regard to preventing future problems through good diet, saliva substitutes, oral home care, mouth-rinses and adjunct treatments. It will make a recommended period for follow-up to ensure the program has been effective at preventing decay.

diagnocam decay detection
diagnocam decay detection

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