Maintaining White Teeth

Maintaining White Teeth

We perform Zoom whitening for many patients, but the difference we find is the way in which whitening is maintained, otherwise teeth will lapse back within 3-5 years.  Maintenance should be simple and easy.

Zoom Whitening is a simple two hour procedure provided by the Dental Hygienists working at Smile Artistry.  A common question that I have noticed being asked by our patients is how to maintain their teeth after the whitening procedure. Zoom Whitening is an easy process and here at Smile Artistry we provide the patient with all the equipment to maintain their teeth after Zoom procedure.

 At your initial appointment once it is decided that Zoom whitening is right for you impressions are taken of your upper and lower teeth. Once this is done they are sent to our laboratory and clear whitening trays are made and ready for when the patient returns for their whitening appointment. It is at this appointment the patient is explained the necessary maintenance required and receives the trays as well as a tube of whitening gel to take home.

Maintenance of Teeth Whitening:
It is explained to the patient the correct way of using these trays as well as the frequency they will need to use them.  The Dental Hygienists here at Smile Artistry will explain that regular six monthly cleans are necessary as this is the best time to re boost with your home whitening trays. After this the trays should be worn twice daily for half an hour best to be done morning and evening usually for two to three days.  It is further explained to the patient the amount of gel to insert to trays and that three small drops should be dispersed evenly throughout the trays making sure that there is no overspill on gums.
With this simple and regular maintenance you are able to receive the best results and maintain your brighter smile for years.

Maintenance Instructions:

  1. Have Teeth Cleaned at Dentist every Six Months
  2. For 2-3 days following Cleaning, use Whitening Trays at Home for 2 Hours in the evening
  3. Store Whitening Gels in the Fridge, do not lose your Whitening Trays

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