Mouthwashes can be a great way to freshen your breath throughout the day as well as reducing plague. When choosing a Mouthwash to suit you it is important that you know what you are using it for as using the wrong Mouthwash can be ineffective.

Mouthwashes such as Curasept are effective in assisting and preventing plague formation when used in conjunction with your daily brushing and flossing. Curasept comes in two separate concentrates and is recommended to patients often here at Smile Artistry. As a dental hygiene assistant I often see this recommended to patients and is extremely effective for them.  Another alternative I have seen recommended is the Carifree Mouthwash. This is a treatment rinse which helps in eliminating decay causing bacteria and also assists in adjusting the oral environment. It is available in an initial treatment which should be used for a short period of time as well as the long-term rinse. This can be a great product for a patient who struggles with caries prevention.

The most common and asked about Mouthwash patients enquire about are Fluoride Mouthwashes. This can be a great every day Mouthwash for people with low risk of decay. It can assist in re-mineralising and strengthening enamel and fights against plague.

There has been debate recently into Mouthwashes that contain alcohol. As a dental Hygiene assistant we typically advise our patients to not use these types of Mouthwashes daily as there has been a link between daily use and oral cancers. Due to this research we do not recommend these as a precaution. Instead we offer our patients Colgate Plax alcohol free Mouthwash. It is a great daily rinse for our patients as it is extremely gentle and of course alcohol free.

So remember when trying to choose a Mouthwash for you it is important to know what you want it for the best way to do this is a trip to your Dentist to find which Mouthwash is right for you. 

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