Technology is continually advancing in Dentistry. Here are some of the technologies we use:

MOUTH SCANNER Trios Colour Mouth Scans capture an entire set of teeth and gums in 3d in just a few minutes.  Information transforms to ‘your digital mouth’ where our Dental Technicians are able to align and straighten, design new teeth shapes or even just study the functioning of your bite.

3D PRINTER AND MILLING SYSTEM The laboratory is able to create your virtual mouth back into reality using our 3D Printer and 3D Milling Systems.  The technology allows for crowns and implant teeth to be created from the computer.

CONE-BEAM CT AND OPG The Planmeca Promax Cone-beam and OPG setup allows for digital radiography of the teeth, jaws and sinuses. Digital means less radiation and better definition. A must have piece of equipment for proper Dental Implant services.

DIGITAL DENTAL X-RAYS Digital x-rays for inside the mouth, digital Schick sensors ar industry leading with high definition in an instant image. Exposure is reduced ten fold from the old film x-ray days and the difference in images is also a huge improvement like old film photos to today’s digital photos.

CAMERAS Using both inside the mouth and outside the mouth cameras is integral to recording and helping you understand what is happening in your mouth. Communication with our Dental Technicians is also enhanced by sending colour-accurate images.

ENTERTAINMENT Networked entertainment and ceiling mounted high definition televisions will allow you to drift away during your dental appointments into one of the many movies on our database.

DIGITAL SCANNERS FOR IMPRESSIONS  This scanner allows for a very accurate scan of your teeth and gums and in most cases will remove the need for impressions. Comfort and accuracy without an impression!

MAGNIFICATION A necessity for good dentistry is magnification. Our Dentist all use dental magnification of at least 3x and upto 6x on occasions. This means our Dentists will see your teeth at least 3 times larger than they actually are.

PIEZOSURGERY Piezosurgery is used in micro-surgical procedures involving removal and cutting of teeth and bone. This technology is particularly important for sinus and bone grafting procedures.

DENTAL IMPLANTS AND PLANNING Good planning for dental implants is the difference between good and great results. Using the Planmeca cone-beam machine and the Biohorizons Dental Implants System allows our dentists to place dental implants with accurately printed Surgical Guides and then rebuild teeth that function and look normal again!

SEDATION ANAESTHESIA Twilight Sedation is offered with a qualified Medical Anaesthetist, Dr Ross Foreman. Dr Foreman is able to provide an intravenous source of medications which will make you super-relaxed and reduce your anxiety in the dental chair.

WHITE FILLINGS A white filling is not new, but with over a thousand different materials on the market, being strong and cosmetically beautiful composite resin is important. We use the system known as Empress Direct and 3M Filtek Bulk Fill.

EMAX PORCELAIN Emax Porcelain has become the standard of Cosmetic Dental Crowns over the past few years. This is mostly because of its ability to mimic natural tooth colour and appearance as well as having unsurpassed strength compared to previous porcelain systems.

ZIRCONIA CROWNS AND BRIDGES Full contour zirconia crowns can be likened to old gold crowns in terms of strength. But that is where the similarities end. A full contour Zirconia is virtually in-destructable, but is also super aesthetic due to its white base colour.

PATIENT EDUCATION ANIMATIONS To understand dental procedures and see the benefits of treatments before they are commenced, we utilise animations which give basic understanding to a procedure.

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