Worn Teeth Treatment, Symptoms & Causes Blog Article

Worn Teeth Treatment, Symptoms & Causes

Worn Teeth Treatment, Symptoms & Causes


Do you suffer from worn teeth? Research has shown that tooth wear, particularly worn front teeth, is on the rise.

Tooth wear is the loss of tooth enamel and structure. This can lead to painful and visually unappealing impacts on your oral health. In this article, find out about the symptoms, causes and best treatments for worn teeth.


Is It Normal for Teeth to Wear Down?


Tooth wear is a normal and natural part of the ageing process. The friction caused by chewing and certain lifestyle factors can lead to general wear and tear of your teeth. However, excessive tooth wear can cause a variety of problems.

If you think that you are experiencing tooth wear, it’s important to address this as soon as possible with your Dentist.


Symptoms of Worn Teeth


There is a range of symptoms associated with worn teeth:

  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Translucent teeth
  • Loss of protective tooth enamel
  • Chipped teeth
  • Poor aesthetic appearance 
  • Impaired eating or speech


Luckily, there are measures you can take to prevent worn down teeth.


What Causes Your Teeth to Wear Down?


Your teeth can naturally wear down, or become worn due to certain conditions or lifestyle factors. While tooth wear is commonly a problem associated with older patients, it can often exhibit in younger patients due to external factors. These are the common causes of tooth wear:

  • Teeth grinding and clenching
  • Physical abrasions to teeth
  • Consumption of acidic beverages or foods
  • Digestive disorders causing stomach acid to come into contact with teeth
  • Lifestyle factors such as recreational drug use
  • Dry mouth condition
  • Use of certain prescription medications


Problems Caused by Worn Down Teeth


Tooth wear can cause a range of problems from cosmetic to functional impacts. The wearing of the teeth will often cause sensitivity issues and sometimes decreased chewing ability. 

While it’s important that these symptoms are treated, it’s often the aesthetic issues that cause the most trouble. Tooth wear can often lead to permanent damage to the teeth, impacting your to smile.

Common problems that occur from worn teeth are:

  • Yellow teeth
  • Sensitivity 
  • Headaches and jaw aches
  • Difficulty biting and chewing
  • Infection 
  • Issues with fillings or restoration


How Do I Stop My Teeth from Wearing Down?


Luckily, there are tips for tooth wear prevention. The first step is becoming aware of the factors that may lead to your teeth wearing down. Be sure to avoid acidic beverages such as excessive consumption of energy drinks or soft drinks, treat conditions such as teeth grinding and dry mouth, practice a healthy oral hygiene routine and visit your dentist once every six months for a check-up and clean.


Can Worn Down Teeth Be Repaired?


The good news is that your Dentist can help to treat tooth wear. By assessing your current lifestyle and establishing the root cause of your tooth wear, your Dentist can devise a plan to help. 

The assessment will involve looking at key lifestyle factors causing tooth wear. For example, Dentists will look at a patient’s diet to determine if high amounts of acid are responsible for the erosion. Secondly, your Dentist will investigate any underlying health problems which could be causing a dry mouth (which accelerates tooth wear). Once the problem has been pinpointed, it is essential to make the required lifestyle changes to ensure this does not continue to happen.

If excessive tooth wear has already occurred, your Dentist will implement aesthetic treatments to enhance the appearance of worn surfaces.




Implants, Crowns and Veneers for Worn Down Teeth


Cosmetic treatment to improve the appearance of your worn down teeth typically includes crowns, veneers or dental implants. 

Crowns are a common treatment option for worn teeth. This involves placing ceramic caps over the top of your worn teeth. Veneers for worn down teeth involve placing a ceramic covering over the front of your teeth to replace your lost tooth structure. For severely worn down teeth, they may have to be treated with dental implants as a restorative procedure.


Fix Your Worn Down Teeth Today


Don’t put off treating your worn teeth any longer – the longer you wait, the further your teeth will become damaged. Chat to our friendly team of expert Dentists about preventing or treating your worn teeth. 

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