Tooth Loss

Consequences & Effects of Tooth Loss

When considering Dental Implant Treatments it is important to understand the benefits/risks/effects of the alternatives. So what is the cost of not having dental implants?

The Effects of Tooth Loss

As we lose our teeth we also lose jaw bone that supports those teeth. When many teeth or all teeth are missing, there will be severe collapse/shrinking of the jaw bone.

Further to bone loss, face shape changes will occur when all teeth are missing, including:

  • Face Height Decrease with wrinkles around the lower face
  • More prominent Lower Jaw
  • Decreased Lip angle – making lips look unhappy
  • Poor tone of face muscles – difficult to make facial expressions
  • Thinner lips
  • Upper lip lengthens – giving an aged appearance
  • Rolled in chin – “witch’s chin”

Psychological Effects

Often underestimated, but it is our observations that Dental Implant Replacement Teeth can psychologically give a patient a new outlook on life.  The freedom of having fixed teeth rather than removing Dentures after meals and at night is enormous.  Being able to smile, chew and eat with the confidence that your teeth will not fall out of your mouth is more than words can explain.  It is these changes that make removing the need or a denture so rewarding!  

Other Effects include:

88% of patients with full dentures have some difficulty with speech

  • Bite force decreases from 200psi to less than 50psi (after 15 years down to only 6 psi)
  • Chewing efficiency is decreased
  • Food selection is limited
  • Nutrition is poorer
  • Later in life it may be not possible to wear any dentures due to bone loss

Due to the decreased chewing efficiency of full dentures, there is associated poor nutrition in elderly patients with full dentures.

Life Expectancy

Modern Medicine, early detection of disease, and improved living standards mean our life expectancies are increasing. The average human life span back in 1965 was 65 years. By 1990 it was 78 years. Life expectancy in 2001 in non-smokers was 85 years. Females remain to have an even higher life expectancy.  This means that 50% of 65 year old females will live for another 23 years.

The investment in Dental Implants is not only worthwhile for the health of your mouth, but it has general health, nutritional, psychological and aesthetic benefits.

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