Your first visit to a new dentist

Your First Visit To A New Dentist

If you have not visited a dentist for some time, then you may be worried about your first appointment. Perhaps you are concerned about the condition of your teeth, of just that you are unaware on their condition. Its time for a New Patient visit to a Dentist then!

A First Visit to the Dentist is all about finding out the condition of your mouth and giving you different treatment options, understanding theses options their benefits, outcomes, risks and costs.

On your first visit to a new dentist you will be given an indepth Dental and medical form to complete. This gives your Dentist a great understanding or you and your mouth and gives good direction in treatment needs. This will then be discussed with your Dentist when you meet.

Next your Dentist will carry out an oral assessment. The dentist will look for health indicators and draw up a dental plan which will prevent future problems and improve the health of your mouth.

Before drawing up a dental plan the dentist will consider the following Dental Health Indicators

Bleeding Gums
Dark or Worn Teeth
Sensitive Teeth
Broken Teeth
Red or receding gums
Lack of tooth brushing or flossing
The Latest Dental Technology has transformed how your Dentist will assess your mouth and you will find they may use a c

ombination of

3D Mouth Scan
Digital X-rays inside your mouth
Digital X-rays – OPG and 3D CBCT outside your mouth
Digital Photos – outside your mouth
Digital Trans-illuminating cameras – to look for cracks and hidden decay
These Technologies will allow your Dentist to see and understand your mouth to a good standard but they may also perform other tests such as probing around the gums, tapping on the teeth or performing cold/hot tests on the teeth.

Your Treatment Plan may involve Cosmetic Dentistry and the above technology will allow your Dentist to present to you simulations both in photos and inside your mouth to assist you in understanding the likely outcome from dental treatments. Such images could show before and then simulated smiles.

smile-design-before-simulation-300.jpg smile-design-after-simulation-300.jpg

Once you have your Dental Plan you will go through the different stages of treatment and eventually be onto a maintenance program which generally involves six monthly checkup and clean

You Treatment Plan and detailed treatment potions will be presented in a report and also face to face in a Treatment Presentation Appointment in our Consultation Rooms.

You Plan may include three stages:

Urgent Treatment- This needs to be carried out as soon as possible and is designed to prevent further problems caused by decay.
Short Term Treatment- aimed to keep a good level of oral health, may involve replacing old fillings and ensures gum health remains consistent
Long Term Treatment- This is largely associated with cosmetic dentistry. Ensuring a brighter and whiter smile.

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