Dental Floss

Dental Floss

You should only floss the teeth you want to keep.  We also see many patients that have decay in-between their teeth from not flossing. Many people don’t realise that along with brushing, flossing in between teeth is essential to help maintain good oral hygiene to prevent disease such as gingivitis, periodontitis, diabetes and heart disease. 

When to floss?
As children we are taught how to brush our teeth , however  we are often not showed how to floss, here at smile artistry we believe a healthy smile starts with the basics, brushing after meals, flossing and or interdental brushing at least once a day. We also believe in a health balanced diet, and to drink planet of water to stay hydrated.

What Else?
It’s also essential to have 6 month dental check up’s & cleans with your dentist and Hygienists. In our cleaning appointments we go over the importance of flossing and show our patients the correct technique to make flossing easy and quick.
We find that a lot of our patients here at Smile Artistry either don’t have the right technique when flossing, or find it uncomfortable. Some Patients even bleed when flossing, this is normal in patients who either are not doing it correct or have not had a dental clean in a while. We find most Patients with no other conditions in there oral health stops bleeding and the gums harden up within approx. 3 days of correct flossing.

What happens when you do not floss?
If you do not floss and allow plaque to remain in between teeth, it will eventually harden into a substance known as tarter. Unlike plaque that can be easily removed with floss, tarter can only be removed by your dentist and or hygienist.
Over time if left untreated a dangerous type of bacteria build up within tarter.  This bacteria irritate and inflame the gums, this condition is known as gingivitis if left untreated it can progress to periodontal disease a condition where bacteria and there toxins attack gums and bone structures that support the teeth, this can lead to bone loss which leads to loses teeth, which either require extraction or they can in some cases fall out on their own.

Types of Floss
We recommend glide dental floss as it can slide easily between teeth, Alternative if you don’t like dental floss there are many different options on the market for you today, there are my personal favour inter dental brushes, easy to use and come in many different sizes and brands.

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