New Patients

It is our pleasure to welcome New Patients to our practice.

Your General Dentist has a wide array of knowledge over all Dental Treatments.  You will find experience our dedication to giving you customised and personalised dental care right from the beginning.

Your first visit is the first step to understanding the health of your teeth, gums, bite and aesthetics and the treatment options that you may consider if treatment is recommended.

scanning a patient with the 3shape trios intraoral scanner
brisbane dental examination

At your first appointment we aim to:

  • Meet and understand your concerns
  • Perform a thorough dental and medical history which is relevant to your dental health
  • Perform a Comprehensive Dental Examination
  • Take relevant records including Photographs and Intraoral X-Rays
  • Discuss your teeth health and the aspects of your smile that are of concern
  • Detail potential treatments
  • Detail further investigations which may be required for more complex treatments

At your second visit we aim to:

  • Discuss the finer detail of your teeth health
  • Recommend treatments and alternative treatments
  • Discuss the risks of treatments and the likely and unlikely outcomes
  • Discuss the costs both verbally and in writing
  • Discuss Payment options
  • Allow you to ask questions and have them answered