Information – Veneers

A veneer is an extremely natural looking dental restoration that covers the outside or visible surface of teeth.

Porcelain Veneer

A veneer can change shape and colour of a tooth as well as hide defects. It is bonded into place and cannot be taken off.

Veneers are made of very thin tooth-coloured porcelain.

The benefits of Veneers include:

  • Veneers can change the size, shape and colour of teeth.
  • Veneers are porcelain and will not stain.
  • Veneers remove minimal tooth structure and are the most conservative porcelain restoration

The Procedure

The Porcelain Veneer procedures requires pre-planning and design of the new shape.  The actual treatment is performed in two stages.  The First Stage is the preparation where the tooth may be numbed, the tooth reshaped, impressions or scans taken and a trial veneer placed on the tooth.  You will then test out the new trial veneer and the laboratory will make your new veneer. At the second appointment, the trial veneer is replaced with the new veneer and treatment is complete.  The new veneer will then be in place for its lifespan and will need to be checked routinely and replaced at the end of its lifespan.

Before Porcelain Veneer (shows drilling of tooth)

The Cost

We will give you an outline of the estimated cost of your Dental Veneer. In the case of Porcelain Veneers, your treatment estimate will include a component for the making of the Porcelain Veneer.  We construct all Porcelain Veneers for our patients with experienced Dental Technicians onsite and you can feel assured, the process meets the best standards.

Throughout the Porcelain Veneer preparation stage, we may need to alter the design and actually prepare the tooth for more like a crown.  You can feel assured our Dentist will discuss this need with you and that a Crown and Veneer will have a same appearance, with an improved longevity.

On occasions, further costs may be incurred for reasons such as de-bonding, root canal treatment and replacement and the ongoing reviews and checkups, all at an additional expense to the patient.

Alternative Treatments

Alternatives to placing a veneer are to either leave the tooth as is or to place a composite restoration. Composite restorations remove decay but are limited because they will stain more and do not change the size and colour of teeth as well as veneers.  Orthodontics is also an alternative.

Abnormal Outcomes and Risks

In having a veneer, some inherent risks exist both to the tooth and to the veneer itself.

The risks to the tooth are:
• Preparation for a veneer permanently alters the tooth underneath the veneer.
• If the cement seal at the edge of the veneer is lost, decay may form at the juncture of the veneer and tooth.
• Preparing for and placing a veneer can irritate the tooth and cause “post-operative” sensitivity which may last for up to 3 months.
• Teeth which have had veneers may need root canal treatment less than 1% of the time during the lifetime of the tooth.

The risks to the veneer are:
• Porcelain may chip over time.
• If the tooth needs a root canal treatment after the veneer is permanently cemented, the procedure may fracture the veneer and the veneer may need to be replaced.
• Over time, Porcelain Veneers will remain colour stable. Resin Veneers will discolour. Adjacent natural teeth will discolour. There will therefore be a mismatch of colour over time which may require whitening or replacement of the veneer should this be a concern.
• Food may impact between teeth, teeth may become mobile, and teeth may wear with time, this is no different with veneers.

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