How to Clean the Dental Surgery

How To Clean The Dental Surgery

Preventing cross contamination and sterilisation is absolutely critical in health care and a primary role for Dental Assistants.

Dental Assistants use PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for all dental surgery procedures, particularly: 1. Wash and dry hands
2. Apply mask and protective eye wear
3. Wash and dry hands well again
4. Apply gloves

Once PPE has been established, the acknowledgment of clean, semi-clean and dirty are then put into place in the dental surgery.

When cleaning a dental surgery we are always required to start from the cleanest surfaces to what is considered the most contaminated or dirty.  Clean Zones include: sterilised instruments, materials, equipment and medication. Contaminated zones include: Items used during patient treatment, everything that has come into contact or is in the zone of patient are also considered contaminated.
Now that we are aware of the clean and contaminated zones.  We start by applying PPE washing and drying hands where required. While cleaning a dental surgery it is important and necessary to maintain a safe environment 

Patient has come into dental surgery and had treatment. Treatment is over and patient has left the room.  The dental assistant is then required to throw away all waste into appropriate waste disposal, also being careful to include sharps in sharps waste container. Water and air lines should be flushed 20-30seconds between patients.  All instruments and trays are taken into sterilisation room, PPE removed, hands washed and dried. Clean PPE is applied and hands are again washed once in dental surgery.
The Dental assistant uses disinfectant wipes or disinfectant solution and paper towels. Starting from the cleanest zone which would be any material bottles/containers if dispensed during treatment (note: all materials should be dispensed prior treatment to prevent cross contamination. However in a circumstance where this is not possible sterile tweezers are required to remove anything from draws or dental assistants are required to remove gloves wash hands get material, wash and dry hands again and apply new gloves)., glasses, bib-chain, ect… X-ray machine, Bench tops, dental assistant chair and dentist chair, light handle patient chair, patient tray side, then lastly the dental assistants suction unit and spittoon area.
Once this is done PPE is removed hands are washed and the next patients treatment is then set up with new barriers (where needed), materials and instruments.

The Dental Assistant requires a knowledge of these PPE items and workflow of a Dental Surgery.

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